Deck of the Day: U/W Vizier of the Anointed

If you’re a Standard player, you’d better be collecting those tokens we all find in the back of booster packs these days. With many of the top decks, you’re going to need a large stack of them.

I would often draft Vizier of the Anointed early and then fall short of finding the cards I needed for it. There’s no chance of that in Constructed as you get to pick the cards you want to find in your deck. Despite that, you’re not seeing many Viziers at the top tables in Standard—until now. Vizier allows you to go through your deck and find whichever embalm or eternalize creature you want and put it into the graveyard. This is card advantage on its own, as you get to effectively “draw” that token creature to cast whenever you want.

The Vizier is sized to survive cards like Lightning Strike and Abrade while requiring a revolt trigger from Fatal Push. It also blocks many of Standard’s top creatures, including Rogue Refiner, Longtusk Cub (maybe), and everything in red short of Hazoret. If the Vizier isn’t dealt with, you get to start drawing extra cards with embalm and eternalize, and that only snowballs as the game goes on. Get a second Vizier into play and you start going nuts.

The cheap embalm creatures are critical for making this work. Sacred Cat is the perfect example. It gains some life and only costs a single mana to embalm. This means that you can curve Vizier (binning anything) into Vizier binning Sacred Cat and immediately draw two on 5 mana. Anointer Priest provides some additional life for a cheap creature that can get you tons of time to set up your late-game plan.

Champion of Wits is as amazing as ever. I know I say every time that it’s the key to all of these decks, but really it’s true. These decks want to put key spells in the graveyard and dig for the power cards. That’s exactly what Champion does while providing a way to overcome mana screw, and it gives you a mana sink in the late game.

Adorned Pouncer and Sunscourge Champion give you silver bullets to tutor for with Vizier. Need some extra life or a large creature? These both come in handy!

You see all of these token creatures and your brain immediately starts thinking about maximizing value. That’s where Anointed Procession comes in. Vizier puts token creatures into the graveyard, and Anointed Procession with a Sunscourge Champion makes for a total beating. Getting out 2 Processions to start making quadruple tokens is just absurd (I told you to bring a large stack of tokens!).

With all of this payoff for token creatures, you get the new Legion’s Landing that ramps you and provides a late-game threat. Servo Exhibition helps flip the Landing as early as turn 3 and works well with Processions.

With all of these tokens and 1-power creatures, Aethersphere Harvester is excellent. They can all crew a Vehicle to give you a nice flying attacker, a large blocker that gets around Ahn-Crop Crasher and Earthshaker Khena, and a way to gain some life.


Sweepers tend to play well in decks that get their value from the graveyard. Killing off your Anointer Priests just to get them back and gain more life is still a recipe for success. With Cast Out and Ixalan’s Binding for additional removal, you have a fair amount of interaction for the few problematic permanents.

U/W Vizier has a plethora of cards to give you value on turn 4 and beyond. With a deck that has a lot of play in the late game and all the tools to make sure you get there, this deck is a powerful choice in Standard!

U/W Vizier of the Anointed

HUETTI, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League

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