Deck of the Day: U/W Monument

White go-wide decks have been picking up in popularity. This was a deck that started seeing some MTGO success, got played by a number of players in the Invitational, and now you can’t play a Competitive League without running into the U/W version. It’s starting to become streamlined, so this should be the deck you’re on the lookout for going forward.

The most important card is Oketra’s Monument. This card is so powerful that you’re playing 4 of them in your deck despite being a legend. This is typically considered to be more acceptable for creatures and planeswalkers since there is so much more removal played for both, but for an artifact that rarely leaves the battlefield, it illustrates how good this card is. You have plenty of white creatures to reduce in cost, and getting an extra 1/1 creature whenever you cast these spells allows you to stay far ahead on board. This lets you take advantage of your powerful late game, your card advantage mechanics, and swarm the battlefield.

Bygone Bishop gives you an evasive threat and a late-game engine to generate plenty of extra cards. Your cheaper creatures should give you the extra mana to crack your Clues, drawing you into more creatures and making the Monument and Bishop their very best. Once you’re hitting your land drops every turn, you will continue to draw extra cards and flood out the battlefield with Soldiers.

Hanweir Militia Captain rewards you for going wide before letting you go even wider. Getting the Captain to flip early is not an issue with Monument, although even late it’s going to continue to provide plenty of value.

The addition of blue opens you up to play Spell Queller. The Queller is an excellent, efficient creature that attacks in the skies and steals tempo from your opponent. Stopping their 3- or 4-drop while adding to your own battlefield is a massive swing.

If you’re playing blue, Cloudblazer is the king of value. This Mulldrifter of the future benefits greatly from being 2 colors since the Monument will make sure you’re only paying 4 for it. A life boost and some extra cards are both valuable, and having only 2 power is actually a benefit in this deck.

If you’re going to go wide, you could use some protection. Selfless Spirit is perfect for the job as another aggressive white flyer that does everything you need. It’s cheaper for Monument, triggers the Bishop, and makes sure that sweepers don’t ruin your day.

Thraben Inspector can’t get any cheaper than 1 mana, but it will still provide a token with a Monument in play. Having a Bishop means you’re getting lots of extra Clues and can always keep rolling late.

Dusk // Dawn is one of the big payoffs. Not only is it going to sweep the board of many opposing creatures while never touching anything you control, but the aftermath half is just incredible. Every single creature in your graveyard will go back into your hand when Dawn resolves, and with a Monument to make them cheaper, you get to reap all that extra value once again.

The other great addition from playing blue is Metallic Rebuke. While you don’t have a ton of artifacts in the deck—just Monuments—you produce plenty of Clues. A 1-mana way to counter a powerful spell in the middle stages of the game is often the difference between winning and losing.

If you’re going to play Standard, you need to be aware of this deck. We’ll just have to wait and see what Hour of Devastation does to either improve or restrict Monument decks going forward!

U/W Monument

CORRADO, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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