Deck of the Day: U/W Gift

Finding the best way to abuse your graveyard with some of the powerful artifacts available in Standard is a great way to get ahead of the metagame.

God-Pharaoh’s Gift is not a realistic card to beat once it gets going. You’re getting a legitimate deal if you had to pay the full 7 mana to get this thing into play as you get to return creatures from your graveyard every single turn as 4/4s. There’s no additional cost to make this happen each turn, and those creatures have haste to put the pressure on immediately. Gate to the Afterlife is the way to “cheat” the Gift onto the battlefield, but it requires you to play a card that doesn’t do much on its own and to play a very high creature count to make sure you have 6 in the graveyard. This version completely ignores playing Gate and as a result, only plays 17 total creatures.

Instead, you’re focused on Refurbish. Refurbish allows you to cheat the Gift into play, just like Gate would, but only asks that you have the Gift in the graveyard. That’s not the toughest thing to accomplish.

The best way to churn through your library and put your key cards into the ‘yard is through Oath of Jace. Oath will help to make sure you find your Refurbishes while also giving you the opportunity to discard a Gift and a creature for value. Strategic Planning is like a miniature Oath that only goes off the top of your deck. You have less control over which cards you’re putting into the graveyard, but finding a Gift, creatures to put into the graveyard, or even just an Oath to set it up, works just fine.

The best creature to bring back from the graveyard, or even to hard cast, is Angel of Invention. Bringing back Angel with Gift gives you the option of a 6/6 flying vigilance lifelink threat that pumps your team, or just a 4/4 version of the same thing with a pair of pumped 1/1s. Either way, Angel is a giant beating and tough for any deck to race.

Champion of Wits is also an automatic 4-of in any version of this deck. It’s a creature—you can set up both your hand and graveyard—and it’s great to bring back as you now get to draw 4 and discard 2 to set up more Gifts. This version runs 4 copies of the 7-mana artifact, so you can actually have multiples in play, trigger both, bring back a Champion with the first, and because Gift doesn’t target, you can discard something great to the Champion and bring it back with the second Gift. This is also flood protection as you can eternalize them from the graveyard.

Thraben Inspector gives you early game and a card in the late game (or if you bring it back with Gift). Glory-Bound Initiate is a new inclusion in this deck that gives you early board presence and some critical life gain. Bringing it back with Gift can give you a massive 5/7 lifelinking attacker.

A single copy of Cataclysmic Gearhulk gives you a reset button should opponents go wide, as well as another target for Refurbish when it goes to the graveyard.

Playing the all Gift and Refurbish version opens up slots normally reserved for creatures and Gate to the Afterlife to play a lot more interaction. This version plays multiple copies of Fumigate to sweep the board, Aether Meltdowns to stop early creatures, and Cast Out to deal with any problem permanents your opponents produce.

This is a unique approach to the Gift deck that focuses on something a little different than the Gate versions. It has shown to have some promise thanks to MTGO success, and maybe this is the next evolution of an awesome deck!

U/W Gift

ROAROFTHEODEN, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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