Deck of the Day – UW Aggro Spirits

There was a ton of hype surrounding the Spirits archetype when Eldritch Moon was first spoiled. New options and rumors of a new deck that rivaled the Faeries decks of old were everywhere.

While Spirits saw some play, it wasn’t a dominant force in the first few weeks of the new format. Some Spirits decks took on an extra color to harness the power of Collected Company, but they were missing something critical. Liliana and Ishkanah were big obstacles.

Perhaps the answer was to get even lower to the ground?

Spell Queller is one of the best cards in Standard. Flash, flying, 2 power, and the insane tempo shift are well worth 3 mana. The lower you’re able to get to the ground with an aggressive start, the better Spell Queller is. If they need to spend turn 4 casting a great card against you, such as Languish, they may not have enough time to kill the Queller before it’s too late.


Rattlechains and Selfless Spirit are 2-mana, 2-power evasion creatures with protection abilities. Rattlechains will fight spot removal while allowing you to hold up mana for counters, Quellers, and other instants. In the sequence where your Queller catches a Languish, Rattlechains can keep your Queller safe. Selfless Spirit can do something similar, all while providing pressure.

Mausoleum Wanderer is so powerful for such a small investment. It’ll slow down an opponent casting spells like Languish or Collected Company, if not just outright countering them, while offering a clock in the meantime.

So what sets this deck apart? Any Spirits deck is going to start with 4 copies of each of those 4 Spirits.

First, you have 1-drops. Topplegeist can come down turn 1 to start the beats, but it can also clear out a blocker later. Delirium isn’t easy to turn on, but it’s still a possibility. With Rattlechains or Ojutai’s Command, you can actually get a Topplegeist out at instant speed, providing some late-game tempo.

Gudul Lurker is a new one. It’s a turn-1 or turn-3 play that can scale when you have more mana, but in the end it’s just additional reach. Lurker isn’t a Spirit, but it can keep on attacking through any defense.

With these cheaper threats, you’re going to want some anthem effects. Luckily, white has some of the most powerful options ever. Always Watching and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar give this deck another dimension. Gideon can be a huge threat on his own, even if you aren’t using the ultimate, and Always Watching will make sure you win any race!

With some sweet spells such as Essence Flux, that can really make playing against Spirits a nightmare for opponents, you will always have lots of options with your mana at instant speed. With white having an excellent tempo removal spell in Declaration in Stone, this Spirits deck covers all of the bases for an awesome aggressive deck!

UW Aggro Spirits

K-MAC, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League

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