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The whole format is Bant Company. This format is awful.

The whole format is Emrakul with some Liliana and Bant Company. This format is awful.

It’s amazing how often I hear comments like this. But this format couldn’t be more wide open. There are lots of very powerful cards and powerful strategies, including a deck that had a crazy good Pro Tour and wasn’t utilizing a game plan anybody expected.

UR Spells can burn you out. While players are trying to create value, resolve a great Company, or discount an Emrakul, this deck is working to get you dead quick. Spell Queller seems like a natural foil to this strategy, and it’s very good, but you can always burn the Spirit if needed, or just keep firing away.

Fiery Impulse and Lightning Axe are cheap ways to deal with many of the creatures in the metagame. The Axe is still a great madness outlet that will take down creatures as large as a fully-loaded Sylvan Advocate, while spell mastery makes it a breeze for Fiery Impulse to take care of just about everything in Bant Company.

Fiery Temper is awesome if you can madness it, but the real gems are the Eldritch Moon additions. Incendiary Flow gives you a Volcanic Hammer that can go to the opponent’s face and exile Matter Reshapers, Hangarback Walkers, and other creatures if necessary. Collective Defiance had a great Pro Tour in several top decks. It can kill a creature, go to the face, or provide card selection when needed. This is one of your strongest cards whenever you flood, and will always be solid for as little as 3 mana. It’s also another way to potentially madness out Tempers.

Unsubstantiate is a nice way to interact on the cheap. Against Collected Company, this can act as a Time Walk. It’s an extra turn to untap and unleash some burn spells, which is often all you need. Bouncing a creature adds utility to an already solid card in a tempo-oriented deck.

Fevered Visions has proven how powerful it is for UR decks, but it’s especially potent in a deck that looks to empty its hand, fire off burn spells, and amass tempo. The fact that Visions can also act as an additional win condition by damaging the opponent makes it one of the critical cards to this deck’s success.

Thing in the Ice and Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy are no surprise. They’re cheap, can win the game on their own, and love a deck filled with spells. But Eldritch Moon also provides you with Thermo-Alchemist, which gives the deck a whole new dimension. It’s an unblockable point of damage every turn that can stop Sylvan Advocates, Duskwatch Recruiters, many Humans, Zombies, and more. Giving every instant and sorcery spell in your deck a kicker of an additional damage is huge. This means that firing off burn spells at creatures won’t hamstring your game plan since you’ll have extra damage for your opponent at the same time.

With awesome Eldritch Moon sideboard options such as Weaver of Lightning to pick off small creatures and block Spirits, Bedlam Reveler to help reload your hand in long games, and Nahiri’s Wrath to take out huge creatures or against decks with too many planeswalkers, it’s safe to say that the UR spells archetype that existed in old Standard has improved dramatically. After putting up a 9-1 record in the hands of Pedro Carvalho at PT Eldritch Moon, this could be the deck to dominate your next FNM!

UR Spells

Pedro Carvalho, 9-1 Record at PT Eldritch Moon

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