Deck of the Day: U/R Prowess

Getting aggressive is all the rage in this new Standard environment. Mono-Red is a popular deck that’s putting up solid results, and adding blue can power up your aggression with prowess.

Soul-Scar Mage and Stormchaser Mage come down early and are looking to attack every turn. Without spells they don’t threaten to do much, but these are the only nonland cards in the entire deck that don’t trigger prowess. That means you’re either adding more prowess creatures to the battlefield or triggering prowess. The damage adds up quickly with cheap spells that grow your team.

Riddleform isn’t vulnerable to sweepers or sorcery-speed removal, and it threatens to end the game in a hurry. Riddleform is a “creature” that also triggers prowess for all of your Mages. Curving out Soul-Scar Mage into Riddleform means multiple damage on turn 2, and 5 or more damage on each turn after if you can keep casting spells.

Fevered Visions does double-duty here. Not only does it trigger prowess and turn on Riddleform, but it fills your hand and burns your opponent out. Your deck is looking to end the game quickly, so drawing more cheap spells puts you further ahead while your opponent won’t have the time to take advantage of theirs.

Shock is a cheap spell to trigger prowess, clear out early blockers, or give you some reach to finish your opponent off. Unsummon doesn’t deal damage directly, but it does serve a similar function, giving you some tempo and reach. Bouncing a blocker while triggering prowess and Riddleform for just a single mana goes a long way.

Similarly, Crash Through looks like a mediocre Draft common, but giving your large prowess creatures trample while drawing a card can actually do work for just a single mana.

Incendiary Flow adds more burn to the deck and another cheap spell. Abrade has a bit more versatility in dealing with artifacts, but you really care about going to the face in this deck.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance is your late game. Sometimes your opponents have too much removal, or they can road block your creatures. Chandra can end the game by herself, and each ability is useful in this deck.

Insult // Injury gives you more late game on a spell that is totally busted in Limited but hasn’t seen much play in Constructed. This deck can change that. It can act as two spells, either on multiple turns or on the same turn. Dealing double damage while growing your creatures with prowess gives you the ability to kill your opponent out of nowhere. Curving out multiple prowess creatures into simply casting Insult on turn 4 means that just a single Shock (now dealing 4 damage) to combo with 2 prowess creatures (and 2 prowess triggers) deals a total of 16 damage. That’s no joke!

U/R Prowess is one of the most aggressive decks in the format, which is a great position early in a format’s life.

U/R Prowess

Billy Klopf, Top 4 in a Standard Classic


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