Deck of the Day – UR Goggles

I love an innovative control deck. I love them even more in week 1 of a new format. That’s what Todd Anderson managed to put together last weekend.

Pyromancer’s Goggles is a busted card, but it requires you work hard to build around it. It’s an expensive artifact that has no impact on the board when you cast it—that is, unless you have spells you can cast off of it. Goggles can do a little bit to help accelerate you, but it’s going to provide ridiculous value every turn of the game. That you need to fill your deck with red instants and sorceries is a cost, but the payoff is a ton of free mana and cards on each turn you get to use it.

Magmatic Insight and Tormenting Voice are a perfect fit. Discarding a card and spending a card to draw 2 is neutral, but when you get to copy the effect you start to generate a huge advantage. Now you’re drawing 4 cards and setting yourself up for later in the game. These cards are also good early as cheap spells that help to fuel your creatures.

A 0/4 for 2 is a reasonable blocker early in the game, but it’s relatively easy to flip in a deck filled with cheap spells. You get to decide the most opportune time to bounce your opponent’s board and leave behind a 7/8.

Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy lost a lot in a world without fetchlands, but it can maximize its potential in this deck. With plenty of early plays that load up the graveyard and tons of spells to flashback, there may not be a better Jace deck in the format.

Jori En, Ruin Diver is pure value. I’m not sure the deck needs it, but turning your cheap cards into additional card advantage doesn’t hurt.

Chandra, Flamecaller is another madness outlet, a win condition, and a sweeper. Play Chandra.

With Jace and Tormenting Voice, madness spells will spike in value. Fiery Temper can kill lots of creatures and planeswalkers in the format, which is a pretty sweet deal for a single mana. It’s also easy to cast multiple spells in a turn when you have a Lightning Bolt at your disposal. Lightning Axe is an awesome removal spell when you can combine it with the Temper or when you have a Goggles to get double removal spells.

This deck also gets serious value from Drownyard Temple. There are at least 15 ways to discard a land, and the Temple will come back from the graveyard for more. It will also conveniently ramp you straight into Pyromancer’s Goggles mana.

Apparently, Gerry Thompson was proxying Avacyn’s Judgments with Fall of the Titans since they didn’t have access to Shadows over Innistrad yet in testing. Avacyn’s Judgment is an awesome card with lots of madness outlets and it will often be a Rolling Thunder. As an early removal spell and late-game Fireball effect, it can do serious work, but evidently not as much as Fall of the Titans was doing. Whenever they drew the “proxy” in testing, Fall was usually the better card. Eventually, they decided to play it as is. Fall of the Titans can often be surged for 5 or more, and with a Goggles out, that can mean killing any 4 creatures in the format, or killing 2 things and dealing 10+ to your opponent. It’s pretty easy to win with a 7/8 from there!

UR Goggles Control

Todd Anderson, 4th place in a Standard Open

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