Deck of the Day – UR Eldrazi Control

Saito showed us the power of Spell Shrivel and Clash of Wills in an aggressive deck last week, but no one has really seen them utilized in a of control deck. At least not until this weekend.

With these counters for early interaction, UR Eldrazi Control is able to bridge the gap from the early game to the late game. They require some sort of ramp and other instants in order to be effective—holding up Spell Shrivel or Clash of Wills all game won’t get the job done. Your opponents will build up enough mana to cast spells through them, or cast 2 spells in a turn when you can’t interact.

As a way to dig through your deck and find the cards you need, Anticipate is a solid card. In a deck that already wants to leave up mana to represent and/or cast counterspells, it’s even stronger.

Kozilek’s Return and Spatial Contortion are your instant-speed removal spells. You’re often going to be taking hits from a creature once to leave up counters to deal with powerful threats, such as planeswalkers, before casting these cards during your opponent’s end step.

Hedron Archive doubles as ramp and card advantage—the perfect tool for a deck like this.

So once you’ve gotten to the middle of the game utilizing your instants to keep the board under control, it’s time to deploy some threats. Planeswalkers always fit this mold quite well. Jace, Unraveler of Secrets works perfectly in a deck like this. Your opponent resolves a big creature or is growing a Hangarback Walker, any threat that would be tough to deal with? Bounce it. Board is under control? Put the game away with card advantage.

Chandra, Flamecaller can clear the board, win the game, or start providing card advantage.

The creature selection is small, but powerful. Drowner of Hope does exactly as the name implies. A bunch of creatures, a great rate on power, and the ability to slow down your opponent’s ability to attack are all awesome. The fact that Drowner can actually use the Scions to ramp you into Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger is a pretty huge bonus. With plenty of interaction to buy time, as well as Drowner and Archive to accelerate you, Ulamog will make sure to end the game in a hurry.

The other big draw to playing a big mana deck with tons of instants? That would be Mage-Ring Network. Being able to charge the Network on turns when you didn’t need to cast your countermagic helps to make sure you have the mana advantage you need in the late game. Being able to cast Drowner, Chandra, or Ulamog even a turn earlier is a big edge in Standard.

As Spell Shrivel and Clash of Wills become 4-ofs in a variety of decks, the metagame will evolve. This deck attacks on a different level, using instants instead of actual ramp spells to get to their big spells. Is this the future of control? I can’t wait to find out!

UR Eldrazi Control

Michael Segal, 4th place in a Standard Open

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