Deck of the Day – UR Dragons

The pairing of efficient evasion creatures with reach has shown itself as a solution to the GW problem. But the best build of this aggressive archetype is yet to be found (I really did try to find a Jeskai deck for the 4th of July, but this is the closest I could find).

Dimensional Infiltrator and Rattlechains are the cards everyone agrees upon. They let you leave up instant-speed removal, counterspells, and still deploy flying creatures.

The rest of the creatures have been hotly contested. Some versions play mono-blue with colorless Eldrazi, others choose white for the power of Reflector Mage, and yet more stick with red for cards like Goldnight Castigator.

Red does offer reach in burn spells, but it also has Thunderbreak Regent, which is one of the most powerful cards that barely sees play in Standard. Now, it won’t hit quite as early as Castigator, but it’s all upside. It is susceptible to Grasp of Darkness and Languish whereas Castigator is not, but at least spot removal will cost them some life in the process. You can play it on any board without fear of dying outright because of it.

If you’re going the Dragon route, Icefall Regent is a bit more expensive but it will make sure you win races. It’s essentially a flying Flametongue Kavu when it locks down a creature. Whether Regent is worth the additional mana investment or not comes in how powerful the next set of cards are.

Silumgar’s Scorn and Draconic Roar are playable spells without access to Dragons. Force Spike has seen play, so has Fiery Impulse. When you have a Dragon, however, those same cards turn into Counterspell and Searing Blaze. You don’t lose many races when you have efficient creatures and get to resolve Searing Blazes. Upgrading your Spell Shrivels into Silumgar’s Scorns is awesome if you can make sure you have a Counterspell on your hands.


The rest of the deck resembles the other UR flying decks. Exquisite Firecraft provides reach. Fevered Visions keeps you fueled up and their life total down. Clash of Wills is an effective early play that works late, as is Stratus Dancer.

Whether UR Dragons has staying power, or is even the best version of UR, remains to be seen. It definitely has a better late game and higher overall power level, but the loss of Castigator could simply be too much. One thing that’s for sure is that this deck is fast and powerful.

UR Flyers

MISTERPINK21, 9th place at Standard MOCS


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