Deck of the Day – Ulamog, the Spirit Waterveil

Ramp decks are easy to write about because they are flashy and definitely off the beaten path. I think this one goes even further off that path and straight down a one lane highway of pure joy. Mike Sigrist unveiled a pretty cool GR ramp deck at GP Quebec City last month and Zvi Mowshowitz wrote an excellent article on his own Turboland deck. MTGO player _Nukesaku_ took this one step further by combining the two strategies.

The key ingredient for any ramp deck is the payoff. You have all sorts of acceleration, but you’re going to need something to do with it. A UG ramp deck gets to utilize so many sweet mythics from Battle for Zendikar that I had to check it out for myself.

Kiora, Master of Depths has been an underwhelming card in Standard to date, but combining her with 2-mana ramp creatures and 6-10-mana spells to actually ramp into may be exactly what she needed to shine.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger are the payoffs in most ramp strategies, and that’s no different here. Battle for Zendikar provides one more card that can potentially truly shine in a mana-hungry strategy: Part the Waterveil. Part the Waterveil is part ramp spell in that you get an extra turn to make land drops, accelerate, and deploy threats—and part game-winner when you cast it with awaken. Without question, it is 100% sweet.

UG Eldrazi Ramp

_Nukesaku_, 2nd place in an MTGO Standard Daily


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