Deck of the Day – U/B Mill Control

Is there a more fun way to win the game than by milling your opponent out? Dealing 20 is nice, inflicting 10 poison can be sweet, but removing the last of those 60 (or more) cards from the library is the most satisfying kind of win.

There are a few really great mill options in Standard right now. Startled Awake is one of the flashiest. 13 cards represents nearly a quarter of your opponent’s starting deck size for just 4 mana. With the ability to draw multiples or bring it back, we’ve got the start of something enticing.

Options that continue to mill in decent increments turn after turn are also quite nice. A mill for 3 represents what would essentially be 1 point of damage (60 cards versus 20 life), but the opponent is sure to be inflicting a lot of damage to themselves through their draw step, as well as cards like Vessel of Nascency, Liliana, or Grapple with the Past. Manic Scribe and Minister of Inquiries both come down early and take significant chunks out of an opponent’s deck.

You’re going to need delirium and energy to fuel your Ministers and Scribes. Liliana can get them back from the ‘yard while also fueling delirium. Glassblower’s Puzzleknot can dig for what you’re looking for, add energy for Minister, and add artifacts to the graveyard to turn on delirium.

Aether Meltdown gives you both an enchantment and an energy enabler. Glimmer of Genius digs for the right answer while adding to your energy reserve, and Anticipate is a nice curve filler to help find what you need.

Crush of Tentacles plays really well in this deck. It returns your Puzzleknots and Meltdowns for more energy, creates a threat your opponents have to deal with, and sets up your mill creatures for another go. This is a nice answer to a flooded out board or a big creature that entered play via Aetherworks Marvel.

With Void Shatter and Ruinous Path to deal with problematic spells and permanents, this plays much like a U/B Control deck with a cool late-game plan. Aggro decks are going to be the toughest matchups since your creatures don’t block the 3-power aggressive creatures well and they can kill fast, but slower decks are sure to be Startled Awake and Crushed under some Tentacles!

U/B Mill Control

Ken Angel, Top 8 in the Standard Invitational Qualifier


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