Deck of the Day: U/B Faeries (Modern)

This deck is called U/B Faeries, but it really doesn’t have many Faerie cards. In reality, it’s a sleek U/B Control deck that uses the most powerful and efficient Faerie cards to provide card advantage and late-game inevitability.

The most powerful is a Faerie enchantment that was once banned from the Modern format. Bitterblossom is cheap to cast and then provides advantage as the game goes on. As removal creeps toward the full playset of Fatal Push in every deck, and cards like Dismember and Path to Exile go up in value thanks to decks like Death’s Shadow, Bitterblossom only gets better. It wins the game by itself as an army of 1/1 flying creatures can both attack and defend you.

The only other Faerie spell to make the deck looks fairly innocent as a 1/1 flyer for 2, but Modern is a format loaded with 1-mana spells. The Sprite rarely needs assistance to counter something worthwhile, but paired with Bitterblossom, they will put pressure on even the most expensive spells.

Ancestral Vision gets suspended early and makes sure you are far ahead in that not-too-distant future. Drawing 3 cards is no joke, and you can’t do it much more efficiently than this. With a deck filled with 1- and 2-mana spells, you’re going to be able to cast multiple powerful cards as soon as the Visions comes off suspend, and this deck has enough removal, interaction, and Faerie token blockers to ensure that you can extend the game. By prolonging the game, you make sure that Visions drawn later in the game, or off of the first Vision, have the time to pay off.

The full playset of Fatal Push makes sure that the bigger creatures Faeries would often have issues with such as Death’s Shadow and Tarmogoyf aren’t problematic. While you already have plenty of token chump blockers thanks to Bitterblossom, Push will deal with them permanently.

Liliana of the Veil is another excellent answer to some of the cheap yet huge creatures the format has to offer. This is another great weapon against decks like Death’s Shadow, and the ability to punish opposing hand sizes while you get card advantage is really valuable.

Remand is a tempo play that is enhanced by the incremental advantages this U/B deck produces. Stopping your opponent’s play for a turn is solid, especially when your card is replacing itself, but imagine getting another token from your Bitterblossom, another suspend counter off your Ancestral Vision, and another use out of your Liliana before your opponent can try to deploy that spell again. That’s some crazy value.

Inquisition of Kozilek provides additional interaction. With so many of Modern’s best spells being so cheap, Inquisition does a great job of disrupting curves and combos.

The full playset of Cryptic Commands used to be a must for every blue deck, but now it’s rare to see. In a deck with so much tempo, and that can effectively use “tap all creatures” offensively thanks to Bitterblossom, Command is a real back-breaker.

When you have a bunch of cheap interaction such as Fatal Push and Remand, as well as the full play set of Cryptic Commands, then Snapcaster Mage is ideal. Snapping back all of these great tempo plays and then attacking with your 2-power creature puts opponents firmly on the back foot.

While you may not have Faerie lords or Mistbind Cliques anymore, the Faeries look like a great way to build a U/B Control deck in Modern.

U/B Faeries

Yuta Takahashi, Top 32 at GP Las Vegas


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