Deck of the Day: Turbo Counters Combo (Modern)

In Modern, speed is the name of the game. Trying to interact with the 50+ decks Modern has to offer isn’t advisable, so making your combo faster and more resilient is the best path to victory.

Devoted Druid with Vizier of Remedies is one of the best combos in Modern. It’s a pair of 2-drop creatures in a format that features plenty of ways to search your library for them. Once both are in play and the Druid doesn’t have summoning sickness, you have infinite mana. With ways to put the Vizier into play at instant speed, you can even go off in response to your opponent. The key is that you need to untap with a Druid in play… or give it haste.

Once you have infinite mana, Walking Ballista is your win condition. You can put infinite counters on the Ballista and shoot down your opponent from any life total. Duskwatch Recruiter also goes perfectly with your combo. Not only does it come down on turn 2 and help you find combo pieces with its activated ability, but it’s the perfect card to use once you actually have infinite mana. This lets you dig every creature you want out of your deck, find the Ballista, and win the game.

You’re looking to go as quickly as possible, so you’re all about accelerating your mana. You’re only playing 19 total lands in the deck, but you have lots of 1-drop mana creatures. Birds of Paradise and Noble Hierarch can produce both of your colors and allow you to go off even faster.

Chord of Calling allows you to search out your many creatures at instant speed. Because you’re playing so many creatures, you also have plenty of ways to Convoke the Chord. This also gives you another way to go find your Recruiter once you have infinite mana and then find the Ballista (since Chording for Ballista won’t work out).

Eldritch Evolution provides yet more ways to find your combo. Once your creatures do their job of providing mana, you no longer need them, so moving up the curve works out nicely. You’re looking to find a Druid, a Vizier, and a way to win the game, and this is a valuable tool to help you get there. Summoner’s Pact provides yet another way to go find a Druid or to a Recruiter with infinite mana, but I recommend that you try to win the turn you cast the Pact!

Besides the fast mana creatures and tutors, what makes this deck a Turbo Counters Combo? Well, for starters, you have four copies of Lightning Greaves. This allows you to win the game even when you didn’t start the turn with Devoted Druid in play. It also gives the Druid hexproof so your opponent can’t disrupt your combo. This can also allow you to turbo out mana creatures as you cast them, move the Greaves for free, use them for mana, and repeat the process to flood out the board for Chord. This also gives you a way to win through a card like Leyline of Sanctity as you can make an infinitely large Walking Ballista, shoot down all of their creatures instead of them, equip the Greaves, and simply attack for the win for infinite damage.

I’ve been playing Magic for a long time and I definitely thought I knew all of the Modern legal cards, but I had to look up what Postmortem Lunge does. The Lunge can be cast for 2 and a Phyrexian mana (a.k.a. 2 life) to return a Druid or Vizier from your graveyard onto the battlefield. It will even give the Druid haste so you can win immediately. This gives the deck more answers to removal, more ways to go off, and more resiliency. You can even untap after a Supreme Verdict and win the game without needing anything overly crazy!

Counters Combo decks are some of the best in Modern, but eliminating the card advantage of Collected Company and its “high” 4-mana casting cost for a turbo version might be the best way to win!

Turbo Counters Combo

SANRYU, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive Queue

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