Deck of the Day: Treasure Sphinx Tribal

With Grand Prix Seattle on the horizon, I’ve been trying to look at Legacy decks that are slightly off the beaten path, but that isn’t the only format with crazy brews! Standard will also have a GP in Seattle on the same weekend, and it would be a huge disservice to the sweetness level of this deck not to cover it.

You’ve got a full playset of Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign in here. Yeah, I haven’t seen this card outside of a Booster Draft either. A 4/4 flying creature is nice, but 6 is a lot of mana to spend on something that doesn’t immediately win the game. 1 more mana than The Scarab God better give you something special, and without a bunch of Sphinxes in Standard to take advantage of the cost reduction mechanic, that can be tough to come by.

This deck changes all of that and cashes in extra hard on the enters-the-battlefield trigger. Unesh gives you a Fact or Fiction for some serious card advantage when it enters the battlefield, but that sweet offer extends to all of your other Sphinx creatures as well! So… how do you make sure that you have Sphinx creature spells in a format that doesn’t have many options?

You start with Arcane Adaptation. What has long been a bulk rare works perfectly here. This makes all your creatures in play and in hand into a Sphinx meaning they’ll will cost 2 less and give you a Fact or Fiction when they enter the battlefield if you have Unesh in play.

Another amazing combo with Unesh is in Metallic Mimic. With an Arcane Adaptation and Unesh, the Mimics will be free to cast and provide you with plenty of +1/+1 counters. You’ll also get a wave of card advantage from the Fact or Fiction triggers to keep going off.

Once you have some Mimics on the battlefield, Marionette Master is an amazing finisher. Not only can this win the game without Sphinx’s help if you have enough Treasure, but with cost reduction and Mimics to grow the Master, you need even fewer Treasure to get the job done.

While you’re casting your free spells, Walking Ballista costs zero to cast and enters the battlefield with lots of +1/+1 counters once you have Sphinx with Mimics.

It’s already a powerful card, but in a deck that can get tons of Fact or Fiction triggers sending cards to the graveyard, The Scarab God has a fantastic ability to put the game away or just brickwall an opposing attack.

You’ve got Marionette Masters to utilize artifacts and Mimics to abuse having lots of Sphinx creatures enter the battlefield. Weaponcraft Enthusiast can provide three creatures in one card for just 3 mana, giving you the ability to completely go off with an Adaptation active.

Tezzeret the Schemer is the perfect planeswalker for this deck. Not only do you have plenty of artifacts to use Tezz as a removal spell, but creating Etherium Cell tokens (effectively Treasure) can give you extra mana to get to the point where you can go off or just to sacrifice them for Marionette Master.

Treasure Map provides more card selection and a burst of Treasure to use to combo off. Renegade Map provides a revolt enabler, a Master trigger, and just helps to fix your mana.

Fatal Push and Vraska’s Contempt reward you for playing black with the best removal spells. Metallic Rebuke in a deck with this many artifacts is a cheap way to add interaction and protect your combo.

Standard continues to prove that it’s capable of some wild things, and this deck proves it.

Treasure Sphinx Tribal



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