Deck of the Day: TitanShift (Modern)

Modern TitanShift received a new weapon from Hour of Devastation and has been putting up results ever since. The most important card in the deck, however, hasn’t changed.

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle was banned in Modern for a long period of time. Since its removal from the ban list, it hasn’t put up overwhelmingly impressive results, but it’s a consistent performer that can attack specific metagames. Needing only a bunch of Mountains in play, Valakut gives you inevitability in slow matchups and the ability to win the game early.

Primeval Titan sets you up for the win and brings it home with a single attack. A 6/6 trampler for 6 mana is no joke, and the ability to get two lands out of your deck is insane with Valakut. Ramping up to 6 mana, you’ll often already have a Valakut in play, so you can now get two Mountains and start Bolting creatures or your opponent. You can also fetch out Valakuts so that even if they can deal with the Titan, you have Valakuts in play to start shooting things down.

Scapeshift wins the game on the spot. If you have 7 lands in play and the opponent is down to 18 or less life, Scapeshift can sacrifice all of your lands to get Valakut and 6 Mountains for 18 damage. An 8th land allows you to get a 2nd Valakut and double that for 36 damage. As a 4-mana spell, it also plays well against common blue interaction as you can cast it twice in the same turn versus Remand or pay for Mana Leak.

Prismatic Omen is a great card to combo with Valakut. Because it makes all of your lands Mountains, including the Valakut itself, you need fewer “real” Mountains in play to trigger Valakut and all of your lands will actually get the triggers. With a Primeval Titan, you can get 2 Valakuts with an Omen in play and it doesn’t matter what your other lands are, you’ll still get 4 triggers.

Hour of Devastation gave us a brand new ramp spell to add to the arsenal. While a 5-mana ramp spell isn’t something you would ordinarily want, Hour doesn’t ask you to get basics. The ability to search up a pair of Valakuts sets you up for plenty of ways to win the following turn. This also ramps you to big mana potential for a lethal Scapeshift. You don’t have any Deserts in your deck, but an Hour with an Omen in play will often be lethal on the spot. A fetchland played after the Hour resolves is 24 damage that turn! (4 triggers from the 2 Valakuts entering, 2 from the fetchland entering, and 2 from the land you fetch out).

Farseek and Sakura-Tribe Elder are your best ramp spells. Tribe Elder can chip in for a couple of points to get them down to 18 or chump block before being sacrificed to save damage. Farseek can get your R/G dual lands when needed. Explore is solid, but it isn’t always a ramp spell since you need to actually have lands in your hand.

Search for Tomorrow is a little expensive or takes a little time, but an early suspended Search will get you to where you need to be in a hurry. Suspending Search into any turn-2 ramp spell gives you turn-3 Hour of Promise mana. Wood Elves gives you another 3-mana spell to ramp and chump.

Summoner’s Pact gives you more copies of Primeval Titan. If you untap with Titan, you don’t care about paying for Pact since you will win the game with a single swing. Often, you won’t need to untap as the Titan alone will be lethal.

Your Valakuts should be giving you plenty of Bolts with whatever Mountains you have entering the battlefield, but some actual Lightning Bolts help to keep early creatures from killing you or to put the opponent in range of the usual 18 points from Valakuts.

R/G TitanShift is one of the more explosive decks in the format with lots of great matchups, and Hour of Promise has given it a new weapon to fight the metagame!

R/G TitanShift

SPARTAN1ZAC, 6-2 at MOCS Monthly


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