Deck of the Day: Through the Breach (Legacy)

One of the ways to get ahead in Legacy if you aren’t playing the powerful blue spells is to win before they matter. Adding some lock pieces to disrupt the opponent doesn’t hurt either.

This mono-red deck is leans on cards like Through the Breach to put a giant monster into play and attack with haste. With great enters-the-battlefield or leaves-the-battlefield abilities, you’re sure to get way ahead by resolving a Breach.

Sneak Attack provides a permanent way to create additional Through the Breaches. Resolving Sneak Attack tends to mean the game is over, but the instant speed nature of Through the Breach opens up the possibility to cast it in your opponent’s end step to potentially tap them low that Sneak doesn’t have. Getting the Sneak down gives you some crazy inevitability even if the first hit isn’t quite lethal.

If you’re going to resolve 4-mana enchantments or 5-mana instants in Through the Breach, you’re going to want to accelerate your mana. Lotus Petal is a great way to do this as a single shot of mana is more than sufficient when the end result is winning the game. Simian Spirit Guides represent Lotus Petals #5-8 that also can’t be countered. Seething Song allows you to ramp from 3 to 5, the perfect amount to cast Breach or Sneak and activate. Throw in a bunch of sol lands with 4 Ancient Tomb, 4 City of Traitors, and 3 Sandstone Needles, and you’re looking at a bunch of ways to go off as early as turn 1!

Once you resolve a Breach or Sneak, you’re going to need some powerful threats to enter the battlefield. The best of the bunch is, has been, and likely always will be Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. The damage it deals and its immunity to removal are both incredible, but the annihilator trigger is best of all. Emrakul will shuffle back into your deck after an attack, giving you a better chance of finding another.

Worldspine Wurm won’t necessarily end the game the turn it hits the battlefield, but it leaves behind an entire Wurm army when you sacrifice it at end of turn. A 15/15 trampling creature that leaves behind 3 lethal threats is a pretty fantastic win condition.

Combustible Gearhulk is an awesome addition to this deck. Not only does it cost just a single mana more than a Through the Breach, meaning that it is possible to cast with all of your acceleration, but it puts the opponent in a no-win situation. Put 3 cards in the graveyard and you’re at huge risk of dying on the spot (you have 4 cards that cost 15 and another 4 that cost 11, just for starters). If they let you draw the 3 cards, the odds of finding whatever piece you may be missing go up dramatically.

This deck also has the classic red lock pieces. Blood Moon is lights-out against a number of decks in the format, and there are a ton that don’t play a single basic. With 4 Tomb, 4 City, 4 Spirit Guide, and 4 Lotus Petals, you’re likely to be able to cast it turn 1. You also have a ton of ways to accelerate out a turn-1 Chalice for 1, which shuts down a ton of strategies in its own right.

When dealing with problematic creatures or when the game needs to go long, there’s Chandra, Torch of Defiance. She’ll make sure you have extra mana, so using your early ramp to get Chandra into play, pick up some quick card advantage, and then use her for additional ramp is a viable line that gives the deck multiple dimensions.

Mono-Red Through the Breach is an explosive deck that capitalizes on the holes of many decks in the format while presenting some unwinnable game states for opponents as early as turn 1!

Mono-Red Through the Breach

MIDNIGHT_S2000, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League

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