Deck of the Day: Temur Reclamation (Standard)

You can’t go rogue in a one-deck metagame and have success, especially against a deck as powerful as Aetherworks Marvel, am I right? Turns out, that’s totally wrong. Using powerful sorceries to ramp and win the game is a viable strategy here!

Part the Waterveil is a fantastic Magic card, but it doesn’t come cheap. Time Walk was only 2 mana to cast, and this thing costs you a full 6 just to get an additional turn. If you happen to have even more mana laying around, you can awaken one of your many lands into a 6/6 creature (or put 6 counters on a land that’s already a creature), and use that as your win condition. Getting up to all of that mana is often easier said than done.

Splendid Reclamation can ramp up your mana dramatically. It requires some setup, but if it’s incidental and works toward your primary game plan, then that’s not a very big ask. If you can find ways to mill lands from your library or get them into your graveyard from your hand, you can cash in on all of the Splendid value.

Pieces of the Puzzle combines all of these things well. This deck packs in 30 instants and sorceries, so Pieces is already likely to be a really strong Divination. These make you far more likely to find copies of Splendid Reclamation, Part the Waterveil, or anything else you may be missing. It also puts plenty of lands into your graveyard, since you’re playing 27 of them.

Cathartic Reunion can discard lands or excess spells to dig deeper into your library. This finds more Splendid Reclamations, and Pieces to find Reclamations, so you can continue to go off.

Contingency Plan sure looks like a bad Magic card, and it admittedly is. But in a deck that doesn’t really care about the card disadvantage this intrinsically costs, it can be amazing. It digs toward your relevant spells and gets lands into your graveyard at a great rate. This was a powerful card in the all-in Marvel decks, and it’s really strong here.

Crush of Tentacles gives you a way to reset the board and take advantage of all the mana you’ll have in play. Ulamog off of a Marvel can be annoying, but it can realistically only exile a couple lands out of this deck. If you’re able to fire off a Reclamation, you will recover quickly enough to be in a position to win the game.

The only creature in the deck is World Breaker, and it’s amazing since you can use your excess lands in play to recur it. With Pieces and Contingency Plan to get World Breaker into the graveyard and Cathartic Reunion to discard it, you have lots of potential value. You also have several copies of Kozilek’s Return with ways to get that into the graveyard. Then World Breaker brings it back from the graveyard to wipe the board.

With plenty of ramp and big payoffs, Nissa’s Renewal is a pretty nice card. It already combined well with Crush and Part the Waterveil, and gaining some life is always nice.

If you’re looking for efficient removal and you have lots of cards you don’t mind discarding (including lands), Lightning Axe is another nice addition.

This is the coolest deck I’ve seen emerge from the new Standard format, and a 5-0 in a Competitive Magic Online League makes me think it has some serious promise!

Temur Reclamation

LUNIK, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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