Deck of the Day: Temur Energy

Bannings have caused a major shakeup in Standard. While a new set can cause tremendous waves, we’ve lost four more previous players in the format. The banning of Attune with Aether, and Rogue Refiner killed the boogieman of the format in Temur Energy… or did it? If you were sad that you bought into Temur Energy and the deck is no longer legal, I’ve got a list to cheer you up.

Attune and Rogue Refiner were the most important cards to Temur. They provided effectively “free” energy as they were playable Magic cards without their incidental gains. The biggest loser from these bannings has to be Longtusk Cub. Cub could easily be a 3/3 on turn 2 after playing a turn-1 Attune, and curving into Refiner left you with a full hand and a potential 5/5 to pair with your 3/2 Refiner on turn 3.

That’s no longer available, but Longtusk Cub is still a fine Magic card. A bigger vulnerability to Shock definitely weakens the deck quite a bit, but Cub can still get out of control with the right curve-outs.

Cub also provides incidental energy even when you aren’t pumping it as just the threat of doing so makes blocking complicated. This means that you can still lean on Temur Energy staples like Whirler Virtuoso and Bristling Hydra. Both provide a nice pile of energy and a solid outlet as the game goes long.

Servant of the Conduit is still a great energy enabler early, and it’s even more critical for fixing colors now that you don’t have Attune.

Don’t sleep on Glorybringer. Never sleep on Glorybringer. Glorybringer is simply a busted Magic card and it’s crazy that we live in a world where a card as sick as Ravenous Chupacabra isn’t a slam dunk 4-of in every deck because creatures like Glorybringer exist. Yes, killing a Dragon with your Chupacabra and having a 2/2 for your troubles is solid, but this is a haste threat that gets to kill a creature the turn you cast it. Sorcery-speed removal is laughable against a card this strong, even if you’re forced to play some way to kill it or just lose the game outright.

The biggest gain from Rivals of Ixalan comes in the form of Jadelight Ranger. This is one of the most powerful cards in the set and its Rogue Refiner imitation is impressive. The “floor” for Jadelight, if you can even call it that, is a 2/1 creature for 3 mana that draws you two cards (that happen to be lands). You have plenty of options thanks to double-explore when you see a spell on top as you can choose to leave it there even if you don’t want to draw it to guarantee that you have a 4/3 creature for 3. The other option is effectively just Rogue Refiner, as you’re getting a 3/2 that draws you a land and an effective scry 1. That’s a lot to offer from a 3-mana card!

Harnessed Lightning is still Harnessed Lightning. It’s not quite the full Terminate it was before with the incidental energy from Attune and Refiner, but it’s not far off from that. Abrade gives you additional removal spells and a way to deal with some of the most dangerous artifacts in the format like Aethersphere Harvester, Heart of Kiran, and God-Pharaoh’s Gift.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance controls the board and provides card advantage. Your mana is going to have to shift without Attune, and playing too many blue cards is a liability when you need to cast your red removal early, as well as Chandra and Glorybringer on curve.


As time goes on, you will see fewer and fewer blue cards in Temur Energy builds. They’re good, but they require you to keep mana up and often fairly early in the game. Without Attune you just don’t have blue mana quite as consistently and will have to rely on using energy for Servant and Aether Hub a bit too often. This list goes with Essence Scatter and Supreme Will for some interaction, and a single Confiscation Coup in the main to deal with tough threats like The Scarab God and Hazoret. Nissa, Steward of Elements can absolutely take over a game both early and late, and provides another way to produce card advantage for UG1 now that Refiner is gone.

Temur Energy took a massive hit from the bannings, but when you have a deck this powerful, it’s far from being a knockout punch to the archetype!

Temur Energy


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