Deck of the Day: Temur Emerge (Standard)

The emerge mechanic was a real game-changer from the moment it became legal. Cost reduction mechanics have proven themselves broken time after time, and this was no exception. Throw in being able to wipe the board repeatedly thanks to all of these interactions, and we had a real monster on our hands. The deck has since lost Emrakul, the Promised End to bannings, but that doesn’t mean the end of the deck’s spectacular top end.

Elder Deep-Fiend is the big payoff. You only need a 3-cost creature to start deploying these giant Eldrazi as early as turn 4. The cast trigger is already a game changer. You can tap your opponent’s lands early in the game so they can’t interact, tap down attackers for a nice Fog effect, or tap down blockers to clear the way to attack for huge chunks of damage or wipe out planeswalkers. Being able to ambush creatures in combat is icing on the cake.

Kozilek’s Return getting triggered by Deep-Fiend is ridiculous. You’re getting a huge discount on your Eldrazi and still getting a sweeper effect as an incidental trigger. Having ways to incidentally mill Kozilek’s Return is added value, but casting it for 3 mana is a reasonable alternative.

World Breaker gives you additional Eldrazi options and more ways to bring back your Kozilek’s Return. With incidental milling that puts the mythic instant into your graveyard, getting a World Breaker there to return later is also value.

Rogue Refiner is the best way to bridge the gap. It’s a 3-cost creature to emerge with, draws a card to replace itself, and has some nice stats. The energy isn’t super important here, but definitely can come in handy.

Tireless Tracker is your other value creature. Tracker can take over any late game while also being a powerful early threat. Having Clues laying around is never a bad thing, and Tracker will grow out of control quickly. With Deep-Fiends to tap down blockers, Tracker can end the game on its own.

Glorybringer is a Dragon. Dragons are frickin’ sweet. This one also kills creatures and planeswalkers in the same turn, and using the exert mechanic when you were going to emerge it is extra value.

With self-mill already useful, Ishkanah, Grafwidow is a no-brainer. This shuts down opposing attack forces and can win the game single-handedly. With ways to bring the Ishkanah back from your graveyard, as well as tutor effects, this is a nice one to have access to.

We all know how good Traverse the Ulvenwald is by now. It fixes your mana early and becomes your best creature late.

Harnessed Lightning is the best removal spell to make sure you can kill the big creatures that get past Kozilek’s Return. Your single Cut // Ribbons can kill a creature early and use your mana from Aether Hubs late to end the game.

Vessel of Nascency and Grapple with the Past are your enablers. They will help turn on delirium, dig through your library for the key creatures, and put some important cards into your graveyard for use later.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance can help accelerate out your Eldrazi and Dragons while taking over the board. It kills creatures and opponents in no time.

Temur Emerge gets to play many of the formats most powerful spells, and that’s a great place to be in a new wide open Standard!

Temur Emerge

James O’Shaughnessy, 2nd Place at Standard Classic


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