Deck of the Day: Temur Elementals

Standard Temur Elementals Deck List - Juan Fresneda Atienza

For today’s deck of the day, I picked this Temur Elemntal list piloted by Juan Fresneda Atienza to top16 of the Redbull Untapped International qualifier.

This deck is similar to other ramp style of decks like Bant and Sultai, but instead of playing a bunch of answers (ECD, Eliminate, Casualties of War, Thought Erasure…) for whatever your opponent might be throwing at you, you are instead focusing on your own game plan only.

The plan is pretty simple, play a bunch of Elementals and get value from all of their triggers.

Your most important cards is Risen Reef, which is a nice combination of ramp and extra cards.

Omnath is another key card that generates card advantage while also making your creatures bigger.

Leafkin Druid and Uro get you ahead on mana and so does Cavalier of Thorns, which also serves as a huge blocker or attacker.

Genesis Ultimatum is the end game you are usually working towards – it’s pretty easy to get to 7 mana on turn 5 and by that time you should have a few elementals in play already. Getting to look at top5 and putting all permanents from them into play should be game over.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon is another nice top end, but you need to be careful how many expensive cards you are playing.

I really like Ultimatum in this deck, so I’d take a look at making some cuts to try to play the full playset. If you do that, you need to cut the Ugin, so give it a try yourself and pick whichever you like best.

Aether Gust, Teferi, Master of Time and Terror of the Peaks should be cards I feel are the most cuttable. I also like Nissa quite a lot, especially if you are playing 4 Ultimatum, so I’d try to up those numbers as well. I realize it fights with Cavalier on the 5-mana slot, so you cant have too many, but 2 copies should be fine.

Last thing I would probably change in the maindeck is try to add more ramp. Either a second Arboreal Grazer or something like 2 Paradise Druid. You really need the early ramp.

I’d move some of those Aether Gusts into the sideboard and probably got rid of Mystical Dispute. Without Teferi and Growth Spiral in the format, it doesn’t seem very necessary.

This deck looks both good and fun, and it’s something a little different, so give it a try!

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