Deck of the Day – Temur Eldrazi Aggro

Every time a Temur deck does well, I advise against playing it. There’s a reason why it’s so rare to actually see them—they’re rarely any good!

Savage Knuckleblade is a messed up card, however. The thing is stone busted. A 3-mana 4/4 is already well above the curve, and it only scales from there.

The first incarnation of Temur decks that I actually thought looked pretty good splashed black. The Temur cards weren’t good enough on their own, but some additional help could make Savage Knuckleblade a force in Standard. Now the answer may be the Eldrazi.

Thought-Knot Seer and Reality Smasher are pretty awesome when backed up by acceleration. They are big and powerful, and as demonstrated in Modern, if you can bring them out before turns 4 and 5 respectively, they do serious work.

Rattleclaw Mystic and Leaf Gilder are reasonable ramp options that double as 2-power creatures for 2. This is a good place to be for a beatdown deck since they will still be respectable attackers when they aren’t tapping for mana.

With Knuckleblade, Thought-Knot, and Reality Smasher, the Temur Eldrazi deck can readily enable ferocious. Heir of the Wilds is a great creature on both offense and defense when aided by giant creatures, but See the Unwritten is the real draw. Getting two more huge creatures, especially when they can add in the disruption or haste/trample of the Eldrazi, is amazing.

There’s even a singleton Dragonlord Atarka for some unmorphed Rattleclaw Mystics or off of a lucky See the Unwritten!

Gianluca Torres, Top 4 at PPTQ Altamura, Italy


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