Deck of the Day – Temur Black

My pick for the best card in Oath of the Gatewatch for Standard was Chandra, Flamecaller.

This planeswalker isn’t even trying to be innocuous. It’s clearly extremely powerful and needs a great shell to shine.

Temur may be the right answer.

Rattleclaw Mystic is a pretty perfect complement to Chandra, accelerating the planeswalker out on turn 4 when it can really take over a board.

Sylvan Advocate is another big Oath addition, providing an efficient body both early and late.

Advocate is at its best in a deck that can play a land as powerful as Lumbering Falls, so a Simic build makes a lot of sense.

Savage Knuckleblade is a great aggressive creature and Stubborn Denial is a perfect spell to protect the powerful threats.

Adding black for Painful Truths, Murderous Cut, and Tasigur makes for lots of efficient threats and power.

The powerful mythic planeswalker could definitely be the perfect piece of the puzzle to making Temur a player in Standard going forward!

Temur Black

Matt Spradlin, 32nd at a Standard Open


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