Deck of the Day – Temur Assault Formation

Everybody likes a good defense. Defense wins championships. But a bunch of high-toughness creatures typically don’t win matches of Magic.

Enter Assault Formation. This cheap enchantment will come in and make sure that the best defense is a good offense. There are plenty of cheap creatures that act as amazing blockers in the early game but feel like dead draws in the late game. Assault Formation can make them all into powerhouses.

Starting at a single mana, you have cards like Jaddi Offshoot and Sidisi’s Faithful. These cards have relevant abilities for Standard and have seen plenty of play across various decks. They block well and come at a great rate, which helps to buy you time against opposing creatures. Jaddi Offshoot has been a particularly effective sideboard card against aggro rush decks, buying you multiple turns to play your big spells. At a single mana, turning these into 3/3 or 4/4 creatures is simply massive.

Crater Elemental can come down early and tangle with the likes of creatures as big as Reality Smasher while living to tell the tale. A 0/6 doesn’t typically do much besides blocking until you’re ready to cash in the Elemental for some damage. A 6/6 doesn’t really need to ever be cashed in, however.

Mizzium Meddler is another big toughness creature that can help protect your team while also providing some serious punch with an Assault Formation. This is actually one of the best ways you have to protect your key enchantment from removal spells such as Anguished Unmaking.

The other key card to this strategy is Profaner of the Dead. With so many high-toughness creatures laying around, Profaner can to bounce your opponent’s entire board to either clear the way for an Assault Formation lethal attack or simply buy more time to help find it.

Goldnight Castigator has the most toughness in this deck, but it’s also one of the few ways to deal relevant damage without an Assault Formation. Luckily, this deck is filled with so many good blockers that even without the key card, you have hope to win the game by attacking for 4 in the air while your creatures hold down the fort.

With so many big creatures, Radiant Flames is an easy inclusion. This is not a card you would often see as a 4-of in a deck with 24 creatures, but even a fully converged Flames for 3 doesn’t touch anything in this deck besides a Jaddi Offshoot!

While this is probably not the most powerful or consistent thing you could be doing in Standard, it’s certainly among the most fun. After this deck put up a Top 8 finish in an Invitational Qualifier, don’t be surprised when you see people dusting off their Assault Formations at your next FNM!

Temur Assault Formation

Daniel Sughroue, Top 8 Invitational Qualifier

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