Deck of the Day: Team Draft Super League Breakdown

Today I’m going to try something completely different, so please send me some feedback on what you think of this. Last week, I got to compete in the Team Draft Super League alongside BenS and LSV against the Scottsdale Foundation of Paul Rietzl, David Williams, and Matt Sperling. Here was my Draft:

Pack 1, Pick 1

My Pick: Regal Caracal.

This is a dream pack to open in a regular 8-man, as there is a bomb rare in Regal Caracal, but it’s probably even better in Team Draft. The reason behind this is that most consider Gust Walker to be the 2nd best card in the pack. If you can take a bomb rare and have your opponent on your left also take a card in your color, you’re living the dream. You get to cut them without even trying. It turns out that David Williams did, in fact, take the Gust Walker, and I didn’t pass a strong white card the rest of the Draft in that direction (the downside being that white is so deep that even getting a bunch of the 10th-14th best white commons can still make a competitive deck).

Pack 1, Pick 2

My Pick: Impeccable Timing.

This is a tougher pick, as Synchronized Strike is the best card, in my opinion. An uncommon is missing, and there are many better than the Strike, so it tells me little. I opted for the Impeccable Timing as I think it’s the best white card in the pack. I expect Williams selected a white card and this would make his deck, and it makes it more likely that I can play my bomb first pick.

Pack 1, Pick 3

My Pick: Fan Bearer.

This is an extremely surprising pack to see third. There’s a rare missing, which tells me nothing, but there is also a common missing and Fan Bearer is still in the pack. Fan Bearer is likely the 3rd best common in Amonkhet, behind Magma Spray and Gust Walker, so I’m certainly not passing it to a white drafter and am very happy to pick it up here.

Pack 1, Pick 4

My Pick: Nef-Crop Entangler.

I haven’t seen any red so far, but the Entangler is the best card in the pack and goes reasonably well with what I have. W/R is the best color combination in Amonkhet, and even decks getting cut tend to be rather playable. There’s a very high likelihood that Sperling passing to me is red with how little I’ve seen, and this gives me the opportunity to potentially go red the other direction even if I continue seeing little here.

Pack 1, Pick 5

My Pick: Those Who Serve.

Blue appears to be open, but the cards aren’t outstanding and this isn’t an 8-man Draft. Trying to find the open colors to get the best deck you can is your only goal in an 8-man, but that’s not the way to optimize a Team Draft. If the person you’re passing to goes 0-3 and you go 1-2, you’ve done a good job and netted your team an extra victory. Keeping with a solid white card that also can’t go into Williams’ deck is the best pick here, in my opinion.

Pack 1, Pick 6

My Pick: Wander in Death.

I’m a big fan of Wander in Death, and I like it even more when I have a bomb rare creature that I’m always going to be happy to bring back. I also like W/B quite a bit, as Zombies are extremely powerful, even if it is unlikely that I will get enough payoff in a 6-man draft. There is also a Wayward Servant I saw earlier that isn’t 0% to come back, and if it does, my deck looks to be pretty incredible.

Pack 1, Pick 7

My Pick: Supply Caravan.

This easily could have been Unburden, but continuing to cut white and being prepared to play the Caravan if I’m short on playables is my preference here. I don’t think there’s a “right” pick.

Pack 1, Pick 8

My Pick: Aven Initiate.

Blue looks like it’s pretty open, and this is a common I really like in U/W decks. Aven Initiate is a solid flying threat that comes back from the graveyard and would combo quite well with any of the U/W gold cards if I happened to see them.

Pack 1, Pick 9

My Pick: Mighty Leap.

I wouldn’t be happy to have Mighty Leap make my deck, and blue is certainly open, but I’m not really concerned with any of these cards. It’s also just as likely that LSV to my left is blue as it is that Williams is, so there’s no reason to cut. I could see taking the Winds here if I thought I was likely to be U/W, but again it’s not an 8-man. I’m seeing no red or black, making it more likely that Sperling passing to me is in these colors. I would love to be able to cut one of them strong going the other way to hurt his deck and I can go W/B or W/R.

Pack 1, Pick 10

My Pick: Hieroglyphic Illumination.

Pack 1, Pick 11

My Pick: Anointer Priest.

Pack 1, Pick 12

My Pick: Rhonas’s Monument.

Pack 1, Pick 13

My Pick: Dissenter’s Deliverance.

Pack 1, Pick 14

My Pick: Luxa River Shine.

Pack 1, Pick 15

My Pick: Forest.

I pick up some filler and mainly cards I wouldn’t expect to ever play. Illumination would make my U/W deck, but I’m still very unlikely to go there unless I see a Glyph Keeper or some U/W gold cards to give me the payoff, and I would expect to table U/W gold cards at this point.

Pack 2, Pick 1

My Pick: Binding Mummy.

I considered taking the Magma Spray here, and I was fairly confident that it was going to go into Sperling’s deck, but not 100% (he could be the one who took Wayward Servant, and took Gust Walker over Fan Bearer potentially?). Binding Mummy is a solid card and sure to make my deck much better, so I’m okay passing a card like Magma Spray in these spots. At this point, I’m looking to cut black cards that I can play as much as possible going to the right, but still open to U/W.

Pack 2, Pick 2

My Pick: Binding Mummy.

I think Binding Mummy is the best card here, so it’s not a tough pick for me. The rare missing again gives me no information for what to cut pack 3, but I’m fairly sure Williams is in white.

Pack 2, Pick 3

My Pick: Stir the Sands.

This was the perfect opportunity to take a really strong black card from my opponents that is now looking incredible in my deck as a mini-Grave-Titan that taps their entire team after getting a pair of Binding Mummies to start the pack.

Pack 2, Pick 4

My Pick: Cursed Minotaur.

In an 8-man, there’s no chance I’m black right now, and I take the powerful Unwavering Initiate. Instead, I get to take the better card in the format, the better card for a Zombie deck, and cut my opponents.

Pack 2, Pick 5

My Pick: Supernatural Stamina.

I don’t like the black trick as much as many of the teams out there, but I do think it’s solid. In this case, I get to cut the only black card, so it’s pretty easy to take over filler white spells.

Pack 2, Pick 6

My Pick: Wayward Servant.

Ding! Nothing else in the pack and I get a fantastic card.

Pack 2, Pick 7

My Pick: Painful Lesson.

I think I’m more likely to play this card in a 6-person draft with fewer playables, so a pretty easy pick.

Pack 2, Pick 8

My Pick: Winged Shepherd.

Another solid playable and I already have a Wander in Death I’m playing.

Pack 2, Pick 9

My Pick: Canyon Slough.

Super surprised to see this. Cycling lands are quite good and this pack wasn’t that deep. I’m happy to take and play it.

Pack 2, Pick 10

My Pick: Djeru’s Resolve.

Like many white commons, a mediocre playable, but a playable for sure.

Pack 2, Pick 11

My Pick: Desert Cerodon.

Pack 2, Pick 12

My Pick: Dune Beetle.

Pack 2, Pick 13

My Pick: Benefaction of Rhonas.

Pack 2, Pick 14

My Pick: Decision Paralysis.

Pack 2, Pick 15

My Pick: Island.

Nothing exciting at the end of the pack.

Pack 3, Pick 1

My Pick: Fan Bearer.

This pack has some crazy powerful options. I get to add a really nice card to my deck and I’m passing some great blue downstream with no idea where it may end up. It turned out that LSV was the only blue drafter, playing U/R, and chose to take the Magma Spray while letting the blue cards make the rounds.

Pack 3, Pick 2

My Pick: Cursed Minotaur.

A great aggressive Zombie for my W/B deck. I’m a little short on quality playables, but the ones I do have are really solid.

Pack 3, Pick 3

My Pick: Grim Strider.

An excellent creature and a strong potential finisher in my deck with a low curve and 2 Fan Bearer plus 2 Binding Mummies to tap blockers.

Pack 3, Pick 4

My Pick: Oketra’s Attendant.

The Attendant is incredible, although it turns out that Rietzl passed the pack with Gust Walker and Trial of Solidarity both in it. Ben took the 2-drop and Sperling cut the Trial, which would have been ridiculous for me, but Attendant is amazing. Great rate on a flyer, has cycling, and can embalm it for more flying beats and Zombie synergies.

Pack 3, Pick 5

My Pick: Impeccable Timing.

Weak pack, and the best card to cut is likely Timing from Williams. At least it can make the cut.

Pack 3, Pick 6

My Pick: Cartouche of Solidarity.

This was a really tough pick, and I didn’t even think I was likely to play the Cartouche, but it was the most likely card to make Williams’ white deck to my left busted if he had the synergies.

Pack 3, Pick 7

My Pick: Horror of the Broken Lands.

This works out perfectly. I get a solid playable that goes well with my Wander in Death and I get to ship both busted blue cards down the table where nobody can cut them both. Luis ended up getting Magma Spray and Angler Drake out of the same pack 3rd and 9th to make his deck really solid.

Pack 3, Pick 8

My Pick: Miasmic Mummy.

A really solid playable 2-drop Zombie 8th pick felt like a gift.

Pack 3, Pick 9

My Pick: Greater Sandwurm.

No reason to cut a blue card that could be going to LSV, so I take the Greater Sandwurm, which could be good for Williams (it wouldn’t have been. Although he was G/W, he was very aggro).

Pack 3, Pick 10

My Pick: Painful Lesson.

I think the format is slow enough and I have a sufficient number of 1- and 2-drops to play a pair of these. Also, again, I don’t want to cut any blue card.

Pack 3, Pick 11

My Pick: Kefnet’s Monument.

Pack 3, Pick 12

My Pick: Sparring Mummy.

Pack 3, Pick 13

My Pick: Hieroglyphic Illumination.

Pack 3, Pick 14

My Pick: Sparring Mummy.

Pack 3, Pick 15

My Pick: Forest.

Surprisingly, I end up tabling a 12th and last pick Sparring Mummy. Both of these end up making my deck and I have a pretty fantastic W/B deck. While I wouldn’t be confident about having a 3-0 with these cards in an 8-man draft, it’s not too far off. Here’s what I played in the Team Draft Super League:


Eric Froehlich, ChannelFireball

I ended up 2-0 with this deck before my team took down the match 5-2.

Please let me know what you thought of this breakdown and if this is something you would be interested in seeing more of in the future!


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