Deck of the Day: Sultai Value (Pauper)

Playing a deck full of commons should make it challenging to play a bunch of colors or assemble any sort of combo or lock. That’s far from the case in the Pauper format. You have lands that produce multiple colors, lots of ways to dig through your library, and you can establish some tough locks to break through.

This Sultai deck is filled with value creatures. First on the list is the long-time favorite of many players in Mulldrifter. You can cash Mulldrifter in early to draw a couple cards as a Divination with upside. With more mana available, you get a 2/2 flying creature that can trade with Glint Hawks and flipped Delver of Secrets alike. With a number of ways to bring creatures back from the graveyard, Mulldrifter is an MVP early and late.


Dinrova Horror was a defining card in Modern Masters 2017. It’s not cheap to cast, but you’re getting a big body that’s out of Lightning Bolt range, some tempo in bouncing a permanent, and card advantage in the discard. Against a hellbent opponent, the Horror is just a 6-mana 4/4 Vindicate.


Sea Gate Oracle plays early defense and adds a card to your hand. Another strong creature to bring back from the graveyard or flicker in and out of play, this deck has tons of ways to cash in on both effects.


Mnemonic Wall has long been a Pauper staple for the ability to lock players out of the game. The first Wall always represents value in bringing back a powerful spell from your graveyard, but the ability to set up loops is where this really shines.


You don’t want a ton of copies of Ghostly Flicker, as it’s quite weak until you’re ready to start cashing in, and at that point you’ll only need 1. A pair of Walls and a Ghostly Flicker allows you to spend 3 mana to bring back any instant or sorcery from your graveyard to your hand. With a Mulldrifter or Horror in play alongside a Wall, a Flicker will allow you to draw 2 or Recoil your opponent while bringing the Flicker back for more.


Pulse of Murasa is another powerful spell to get your Walls back before getting your Pulses back. The life buffer is huge, especially in a format of commons, and will help you to get out of burn range when you’re looping.


Forbidden Alchemy is a great way to go digging for your pieces, especially with so much graveyard synergy in Mnemonic Walls and Pulse of Murasa. You can even mill Mystical Teachings, then find the pieces you’re looking for.


Moment’s Peace with a Mnemonic Wall loop is a lock against many opponents in Pauper. Winning the game without combat damage is tough to accomplish, so even a couple Fogs do the trick.




Additional interaction, mostly in countermagic, will help to protect your combo pieces. Condescend can be great at any stage of the game, and the scry will help to make sure everything is in place. Prohibit can stop most of the removal in the format, and Remove Soul gives you some extra protection from creatures.




Casting expensive Horrors and Walls, and flashing back spells can make mana a bit of an issue. This deck utilizes the Tron lands to make sure you have massive amounts of colorless to cast loop pieces every turn. With Crop Rotation and Expedition Map to find the right lands, and Prophetic Prism to draw cards and fix colors, this deck can really tighten the noose in the middle stages of the game.

Pauper has a ton of awesome strategies, and these soft lock loops are among the coolest. Utilizing Flickers and enter the battlefield triggers to slowly ooze out value is one of the most fun ways to win games of Magic.

Sultai Value

AK1, 5-0 MTGO League




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