Deck of the Day: Sultai Delirium (Frontier)

This weekend, Frontier players in Japan competed in an event called God of Frontier. You know what this means, right? Lots of great deck lists tuned by some excellent players for us to dive into!

Let’s start with our champion’s deck list, since not only is it a brand new archetype, but it looks fantastic. With so much graveyard interaction in Magic right now, especially with delirium, one of the most important cards in the format has got to be Satyr Wayfinder. Emrakul may be banned in Standard, and Rally the Ancestors may have rotated out, but both are still players here. In a lot of ways, Wayfinder is Elvish Visionary as a 1/1 for 1 that draws a card, but it also helps fix your mana in a format with lots of great lands, and puts cards in the graveyard. This is the card I would most want to build around, and this deck utilizes it in amazing ways. Delirium and delve are both present, and you can exploit them.

The best payoff for delirium is Ishkanah, Grafwidow. You want to live to the late game? You want Ishkanah. You want to win in the late game? Well Ishkanah can handle that, too. It has reach in every sense of the word, extending the game and then draining opponents out.

You want to play a bunch of instants and get cards into your graveyard? How about a big creature that utilizes all of this synergy and adds two different card types to your graveyard? Torrential Gearhulk is simply sick in this format, and one of the biggest reasons for that is:

Dig Through Time should have never been printed. It’s too powerful to allow more than 1 copy in Vintage, and too powerful not to be banned in Modern and Legacy. Frontier has many of the cards that make Dig too good for Modern, and yet you can play 4 of them. And Gearhulk can flash back this 8-mana spell for free. And Dig helps find Gearhulk. And. And. And. This is pure card advantage, card selection, and power.

Murderous Cut is another nice payoff for loading up your graveyard. You can’t make removal much more efficient than this. Throw inGrasp of Darkness, To the Slaughter, and Essence Extraction, and creatures should be well under control.

While Languish is not Damnation, it is very close. This is a strong sweeper.


Sometimes you don’t have the right removal for threats, but Duress, Revolutionary Rebuff, and Void Shatter will help make sure nothing hits play that you don’t want to see. These are your answers to Collected Company, Rally, and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, and luckily you can flash back the counters with Gearhulk while finding the answers with Dig.

Liliana, the Last Hope ties it all together. She will bring back your Gearhulks and Ishkanahs. Even bringing back your Wayfinders offers incredible value. She’ll keep creatures under control while you set up, and she’s a cheap threat that can win the game against control without needing any help. This is a great card for Sultai Delirium.

If you didn’t get a chance to play in Khans Standard and are wondering why there are Canopy Vistas and Cinder Glades in a deck that has no use for white or red mana, it’s for the fetchland mana base. Flooded Strand and Bloodstained Mire would otherwise not be able to fetch green mana, and this is a problem that can come up often in decks that aren’t of Bant, Jund, Naya, Grixis, or Esper.

I’m often asked what deck I would start with if I were to play Frontier tomorrow. This shell is the answer. While I’m not sure 1 Duress and 2 Revolutionary Rebuff are perfect numbers, this list looks fantastic. Satyr Wayfinder, Dig Through Time, and Torrential Gearhulk is just where I want to be!

Sultai Delirium

Yuki Matsumoto, 1st place at God of Frontier


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