Deck of the Day: Standard UB Rogue

Hi all!  Here’s a deck of the day for Zendikar Rising standard.  This list was given to me by LSV and originally designed by the one and only Patrick Chapin.  U/B Rogues!

Standard UB Rogue Deck List - Patrick Chapin

This deck seeks too play cheap rogues and leverage the synergies between them and other cards, specifically cards like Drown in the Loch and Anticognition which benefit from our rogues milling our opponent and Lofty Denial, with our rogues that have flying.  In addition to powering up Drown in the Loch, milling our opponent powers up some of our own rogues; Soaring Thought-Thief, and Thieves’ Guild Enforcer.

This deck is pretty aggressive, but could maybe be considered more of an aggro control deck.  The deck is capable of playing a lot of cheap and early creatures and following them up with some counterspells.  This is a powerful combination, as it typically allows us to spend all our mana in the early turns and then trade two mana for more by using cards like Lofty Denial, Jwari Disruption, Drown in the Loch, or Petty Theft.  If we’re spending all our mana and creating a bigger board presence and then spending two mana of ours to trade with four or more mana of our opponents, that is a very good situation for us.

This looks like a fun deck to jump into Bo1 with, and a good way to learn the cards in the format.  Zareth San, the Trickester looks incredibly powerful to me and capable of carrying a deck on his back all by himself. Tribal decks tend to be fun, and this one looks like it might also be competitive.  Good luck!


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