Deck of the Day: Standard Temur Control

Standard Temur Control - Sancho (SCG Tour Online Challenge #6 4-0)

This is a Standard Temur Control deck that was played by Sancho in the SCG Tour Online Standard Challenge a couple days ago. Typically Temur “Control” decks have been more focused on being Temur Flash decks, with cards like Nightpack Ambusher as the win condition.  Previously, they were Temur Reclamation decks, of course.

This deck is a more traditional control deck, with planeswalkers, sweepers, and counterspells.  Niv-Mizzet and Uro are great win conditions and the deck has a lot of cheap removal and interaction. Niv-Mizzet hasn’t seen a ton of play recently but is still one of the most purely powerful cards in standard. Jolrael a bit of a win condition itself, as it even combos with some of the removal; specifically Fire Prophecy.

This deck looks good and fun to me, and if I were preparing to play a standard tournament soon, I’d definitely give it a try.


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