Deck of the Day – Standard Simic Flash

Standard Simic Flash Deck List - Noam Zimet

This deck was played by Noam Zimet yesterday in winning the SCG Tour Online Standard Challenge #5.

I personally gravitated towards Temur Clover, but one of the most sensible things to do after a series of major bannings is to try decks that were previously strong, and not as impacted by the bans as other decks may have been.

Simic Flash has always been a strong deck, but it was just overpowered by Temur, and the best card in the world against it, Teferi, Time Raveler, is no longer legal in standard.  This is a huge win for Simic Flash, even after losing Growth Spiral.

Another major weakness of Simic was cards like Edgewall Innkeeper, which seems to be having a major resurgence now, with a  lot of people, self included, flocking to play Temur Clover.  For that reason, Simic may still be held down, but I definitely think, now with Rewind, which when I briefly tried the deck after M21, was a shining star out of M21 for the deck, it’s a natural thing to try again now as the metagame develops.

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