Deck of the Day: Soul Sisters (Modern)

Most White Weenie decks throughout history have played one way—with cheap, efficient creatures, attacking relentlessly. In Modern, the most popular approach has been to use white’s lock pieces to keep the opponent in check, relying on cards like Thalia to make it hard for them to use their cheap spells to stop your onslaught. Today’s deck, on the other hand, is definitely in the beatdown camp, but packs some great ways to crush any other linear aggressive deck.

Serra Ascendant is the centerpiece of the deck, which is a pretty rare feat for a 1/1 for 1. Lifelink is nice, but not really relevant on such a small creature. Everything changes once you get to 30 life and above, as the Serra Ascendant becomes a nearly unstoppable lifelinking dragon. There are some real downsides to relying on cheap creatures in a world of Fatal Push, but this deck has lots of them to help overload removal and each needs a quick answer.

Martyr of Sands is the combo with Serra Ascendant to “turn it on” and start swinging for 6 in the air as early as turn 2. Just 4 additional white cards in hand to go with Martyr and your second land is a quick burst up to 32 that can end the game in a hurry. Martyr will effectively counter a whole handful of Lightning Bolts from your opponent, making this a nightmare for decks like Burn.

Soul Warden and Soul’s Attendant come down early and start ticking your life total up in the right direction. They stack, so tokens will gain you multiple life and each Soul sister will trigger for creatures entering on both sides of the battlefield.

All of these individual life gains will trigger Ajani’s Pridemate over and over again. A turn-2 Pridemate after a turn-1 Soul sister will create a 3/3 creature, as entering the battlefield triggers the life gain clause. Each additional creature and Soul sister will add even more triggers, meaning Pridgemates can grow to double-digit power while your life total soars.

Squadron Hawk doesn’t hit hard on its own, but it’s a great way to add protection against removal and potential discard. A Hawk draws 3 more Hawks, and gives you lots of ammo to trigger your Soul Wardens and generate an aerial force.

Few things fight spot removal better than Ranger of Eos. Not only can you grab a pair of 6/6 Serra Ascendants when you’re above 30, but you can get a Martyr to turn them on or Soul Wardens to start triggering Pridemate. This army-in-a-can makes Ranger of Eos one of your best ways to grind out a game.

Spectral Procession is another way to form an entire army with a single card. Curving Soul Warden into Pridemate into Procession isn’t even one of your very best draws, but you’re going to be left gaining 4 life and with 10 power on the table on turn 3.

Honor of the Pure is a great way to make all of these smaller creatures more effective. While turning Soul Wardens into 2/2s isn’t overwhelming, it’s truly insane with Hawks and Procession tokens.

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar can continue churning out creatures to trigger your Soul sisters, but can also anthem or just go aggro into the red zone. With some high quality removal in both Path to Exile and Oblivion Ring, these little white creatures ight the good fight in Modern!

Soul Sisters

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