Deck of the Day: Silversmote Dredge

Silversmote Ghoul is making graveyard decks in every format reevaluate their threat package. Modern is no exception, and it seems like it’s primed to shine there. Here’es THEDOC96’s 5-0 league take on Silversmote Dredge:

Modern Silvermote Dredge Deck List - THEDOC96 (5-0 league)

While Silversmote Ghoul is a huge payoff for dredge, it does also require some deckbuilding consideration. In addition to the Creeping Chill’s that you’d play anyway, DOC chose to include Smiting Helix. You can fetch up a Sacred Foundry and flashback the Helix, or just cast it from hand in a pinch. It’s a little tougher on the mana, but another gain 3 option to consider here is a certain Titan of Nature’s Wrath. The Ghoul’s ability to sacrifice to draw a card can also allow you to dredge even deeper into your deck.

In addition to Smiting Helix helping with the Ghoul, it also means this version of the deck has a ton of reach. With 6 deal 3s and a Conflagrate, you don’t need to deal a ton of combat damage to finish your opponent off with burn.

Ox of Agonas is another recent addition to this deck. While eight is a lot of cards to escape it, the payoff is huge! Discarding your hand and getting to dredge three times should find you almost everything you need.

The sideboard has a lot of the traditional dredge answers to various graveyard hate effects. A couple cards I’d consider are Assassin’s Trophy for its flexibility, and Ray of Revelation because of its castability from the graveyard, and in this list you can even find Sacred Foundry to cast it.

I’m excited to see how far the Ghoul can push dredge decks in Modern. Until next time, enjoy beating down with a horde of Zombies!

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