Deck of the Day: Shopless Shops (Legacy)

Ever dreamed of playing a Mishra’s Workshop deck in Legacy? Well, you can! Sure, the namesake card isn’t legal. And sure, that’s the best card in the deck. And yes, you can’t actually play Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, any Moxes, or Black Lotus… but you can still do plenty of winning!

The mana base of this deck really reminds me of a Vintage Shops deck. Four Ancient Tomb are a great way to get off the ground early at the expense of a couple life points. Four Mishra’s Factory give you additional artifacts out of your lands and an attacking creature that only costs 1 to activate. Four Wastelands disrupt the opponent to help your mana denial plan and let your creatures take over.

Unfortunately, that’s where things stop, as you unfortunately can’t play the Workshops or Academy. Instead, you play City of Traitors. City has a serious drawback, but you can often get multiple shots of mana out of it and it’s a great way to accelerate your early game. Strip Mine is also not legal here, but Ghost Quarter can do an excellent impression as many decks in Legacy play zero basics.

As for fast mana, you don’t have the five colored Moxes, but you do have a 5-color Mox. Mox Opal requires you to have two other artifacts in play, but you’re playing a deck that’s all artifacts. One of your best Opal enablers is Lotus Petal. This quick burst of mana can help get your lock pieces or creatures in play quickly. Once you’ve done that, you’re not as concerned about the card disadvantage.

One huge benefit a Legacy Shops variant has over Vintage is that there are no restrictions. What you lose in some of the more powerful fast mana you can make up for in getting to play more copies of the best lock pieces. You can play 4 copies of both Chalice of the Void and Thorn of Amethyst. A Chalice on 1 can shut down the vast majority of the spells in many different decks in Legacy, including the ubiquitous Deathrite/Delver decks. Thorn is fantastic against cheap cantrips and combo decks so it really punishes land-light Legacy decks banking on Brainstorms and Ponders to find lands.

As for the creatures, you’re going with most of the Vintage staples here. FroBots (so named after its debut on Vintage Super League by yours truly) is the best deck in Vintage and it relies on locking the opponent out and forming a quick clock with powerful artifact creatures. This makes Modern Affinity staples Arcbound Ravager and Steel Overseer quite good. Pump your entire team with Overseer, and use Ravager to get around blockers and removal spells by moving counters around.

Speaking of moving and adding counters, Walking Ballista turns into a machine gun with Ravager, closing out the game or mowing down all opposing creatures.

Phyrexian Revoker is another Vintage staple that shuts down so many important activated abilities. Whether it’s Deathrite Shaman or Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Revoker is one of the most annoying cards to play against.

Speaking of cards that are annoying to play against, how about Lodestone Golem? Yet another restricted card in Vintage, you can play 3-4 Lodestones here and love every minute of it. While Lightning Bolt is a more played card in this format, you have creatures that can pump it, Lodestone taxes those removal spells, and sometimes they just don’t have it. A quick 5/3 that makes their spells more expensive ends games quickly.

Taking a page out of the Affinity playbook is Vault Skirge. This gives the deck an evasive threat, some life gain, and a great combo with Ravager and Overseer. You also can make a blocker for a flying Insectile Aberration, which can be the difference between winning and losing in Legacy.

Mashing together a Vintage Shops deck and a Modern Affinity deck makes for an awesome Legacy deck! If you’re not looking to shell out for dual lands in Legacy, this could be an option for you!

Shopless Shops

NIMB1E_MONGOOSE, Top 8 at MTGO Legacy Challenge


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