Deck of the Day – RG Goggles

There’s one card that barely saw any play before the rotation that has emerged in Shadows over Innistrad. It’s not even the particular cards in Shadows over Innistrad that helped it break through, but the format shift has done wonders.

You’ve seen what the Goggles can do in a UR shell. Surrounded by powerful card drawing, like Magmatic Insight and Tormenting Voice, there are a number of ways to churn through the deck to help find the Goggles or the necessary pieces. Once you have Goggles, both cheap red sorceries become card advantage machines.

It seemed like the perfect shell for the red card draw, burn spells, and Goggles would be one with blue creatures. Thing in the Ice combines quite well with a deck full of cheap instants and sorceries. A 7/8 that bounces everything else threatens to end the game quickly while also cleaning up a number of messes. Everyone knows how powerful (and expensive) Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy is, and a deck that can fill the graveyard quickly and has access to lots of instants and sorceries is the perfect shell for Jace.

But it may not have been the perfect shell for the Goggles.

Combined with some ramp spells and ways to utilize additional mana, GR Goggles turned out to be one of the breakout decks of PT Shadows over Innistrad. Nissa’s Pilgrimage is the only actual “ramp” spell in the deck, but discarding a Drownyard Temple also helps you get from 3 to 5. Traverse the Ulvenwald fixes your mana early and finds your threats late.

World Breaker is great for this deck. The combination with Drownyard Temple (which can both pay to bring the Breaker back from the graveyard and then bring itself back) is fantastic and makes World Breaker another option to discard to Tormenting Voice. It also gives the deck incredible late game and turns Kozilek’s Return into the fully-powered monster it was meant to be. There are a number of 3-toughness creatures, especially out of Bant Company, and some of them continue to grow in toughness. Sylvan Advocate requires 5 damage, and creatures from white Humans can get to 3-5 toughness in conjunction with Thalia’s Lieutenants and Always Watching. World Breaker + Kozilek’s Return shuts them down.

This was one of the coolest new decks to come out of the PT and I suspect it will be the Goggles deck of choice for many players going forward!

RG Goggles Ramp

Brad Nelson, Top 8 at PT Shadows over Innistrad


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