Deck of the Day: R/G Energy Aggro (Standard)

If you’re not going to play many cards that interact Aetherworks Marvel, it’s a good idea to get them dead as quickly as you can. An aggressive deck may not be able to beat a turn-4 Ulamog, but they need to get to 6 energy, have the Marvel, and find it on the first spin. If you can get enough power out in time to steal some of those games too, well you might have a real deck on your hands.

The energy creatures from Kaladesh and Aether Revolt were super pushed. The curve starts with Greenbelt Rampager, which gives you a ridiculous tempo boost. 3 power for 1 mana is a great rate, and if you’re able to lead on an Attune with Aether or just a pair of green mana, you’re looking at one of the biggest creatures imaginable for turn 2.

The turn-2 beats don’t stop there, as Voltaic Brawler is looking to hit the red zone for 4 damage per turn quickly. While weaker against cards like Magma Spray, Brawler hits hard and trample is no joke.

If you have extra energy laying around, there is no better threat than a Longtusk Cub. Curving Attune with Aether into Longtusk Cub threatens to run away with the game even against a Magma Spray. Cub gets out of hand real quickly, but even without growing, the extra energy it provides can help fuel all of your other creatures.

Servant of the Conduit is exactly the mana creature decks like this are looking for. Getting to 4 mana a turn earlier is valuable, and being able to attack for 2 when the mana is no longer necessary helps it stay relevant throughout the game.

Rhonas the Indomitable is a big step in the right direction for these aggressive decks. This is an enormous threat that isn’t easy to deal with. If the opponent doesn’t have Anguished Unmaking or a quick Ulamog, Rhonas will run them over. With so many other large creatures in the deck, being able to give +2 power and trample at instant speed is an ideal ability.

Bristling Hydra is so powerful that even Marvel decks are utilizing it as a sideboard card. In a deck that’s filled with energy enablers and is trying to force through maximum damage, it might be the most important card. 4 damage is already a quick clock, and you have the ability to pump it and give hexproof at instant speed. So there are no real ways to interact with the Hydra as trying to cast your Harnessed Lightning or Unlicensed Disintegration just leaves you down a card and the Hydra even bigger.

Glorybringer is a perfect finisher for these decks. It has haste, plenty of power, and can even take out a creature when it enters the red zone. All of these hard-to-deal-with 4- and 5-drops that enable Rhonas ought to keep the pressure on your opponent throughout the game.

Blossoming Defense is an incredibly efficient way to make sure your creatures wind up on top. Trading 1 mana for your opponent’s 3 mana when they attempt to Disintegration your big creature is often enough to end the game right there.

Harnessed Lightning is a no-brainer removal spell in a deck filled with energy, and a single Dissenter’s Deliverance provides a way to deal with Heart of Kiran, Marvel, Gearhulks, or just cycle for a new card.

Invigorated Rampage is as aggressive as a card can be, and it will make sure the game ends quickly. While Rhonas can give trample to any of your other creatures, a Rampage on the God will make any Thopters that chump-blocked look foolish.

Getting aggressive with large creatures is a great way to fight a metagame that relies on a specific sequence of cards. Invigorated Rampage could be a great way to force that final damage through in a deck with big undercosted creatures.

R/G Energy Aggro

_MEGAFONE_, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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