Deck of the Day: R/G Aggro (Standard)

Good ol’ Gruul. Nothing beats flat out aggression. Throw in protection for your creatures, overpowered threats, and trample, and you’re looking at some quick games that will often end in your favor.

The quality of 1-drops has diminished greatly over the years. They end the game quickly and need to be dealt with immediately. Greenbelt Rampager can’t actually stay on the battlefield on turn 1, but it’s still a 1-mana threat with a huge body. 3 power for 1 mana is Wild Nacatl levels, and we once saw that card banned in the Modern format. While Greenbelt won’t be attacking turn 2, it can enter the battlefield that early. Even when you have to wait until later, spending a single mana for a threat this size grants you a big tempo advantage. You can even use Rampager to crew a Vehicle or add additional energy.

Servant of the Conduit and Channeler Initiate act as mana ramp and color fixing, and are relevant threats throughout the game. When your mana creatures have 2 or 3 power in the middle stages of the game, they’re getting in for relevant damage and aren’t going to be blocked easily.

Voltaic Brawler is a large draw to playing R/G. A 3/2 trampler for 2 mana is already a reasonable rate, but a 4/3 trampler for 2 is phenomenal. The additional energy production from other cards can keep these pumped up, or you can use Brawler’s energy to fuel some of the other spells in the deck.

Rhonas, the Indomitable is the real deal. At Grand Prix Omaha, I played a Winding Constrictor + Nissa G/B aggressive deck to a 12-3 finish. In game 3, against an R/G aggressive deck, my opponent mulliganed to 4 and I had a reasonable draw. While I ended up winning the game, it was close, and easily could have been a loss solely due to Rhonas. Even though my deck could create creatures bigger than the God, deathtouch was extremely relevant. It’s so easy to turn on in the R/G color pair, and threatening to pump other creatures and give trample is amazing on a 5/5 for 3.

Combat Celebrant is a cool card that I haven’t seen utilized much. 4 power for 3 mana is already solid, but when you have these oversized creatures and many of them have trample, a second combat phase is going to end the game on the spot. 1 toughness is easy to deal with, but there isn’t much to punish that in Standard, as cards like Fatal Push don’t care if the Celebrant has 1 or 10 toughness.

Bristling Hydra is another spell that loves the excess energy you may have laying around. Already large enough to brawl in the red zone without any help, the ability to pump your creature while protecting it from removal for no mana investment is unbeatable in many matchups.

The top end of this deck isn’t the Glorybringers we’ve come to expect. Instead, you have Samut, Voice of Dissent. Nobody is going to be prepared for the flash creature right now, but with so many ways to give trample, the double strike ability is overly powerful. Giving your creatures haste, especially when you can flash it in and then get in there with a Celebrant when they aren’t prepared, will end the game.

Heart of Kiran has 1 mana creatures that can crew it in this deck. Attacking for massive chunks in the air is ridiculous for just 2 mana.


Attune with Aether adds some energy and fixes your mana, both of which are key to the deck. You have 2 full playsets of tricks here, fully eschewing any removal spells, even Harnessed Lightning. Blossoming Defense is a great way to save your creatures from removal for just a single mana while also winning combat battles. Invigorated Rampage will make sure your huge creatures are maximizing their potential, especially something like Rhonas (deathtouch and trample on a creature this large?) or on Samut to end the game.

R/G Aggro is as aggressive as they come. This deck can deal more damage on turn 5 than any other deck in the format!

R/G Aggro

SEBASTIANPOZZO, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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