Deck of the Day – Red-White Angels

I’m a big fan of Angels in Magic, and we have some spectacular ones at our disposal right now.

Gisela, the Broken Blade and Bruna, the Fading Light are strong individually and unstoppable together. Gisela represents an early threat that can put the game away single-handedly, while Bruna comes down much later with some guaranteed card advantage. If Gisela is dealt with in a way that sends her to the graveyard, Bruna will make sure it isn’t for long. Once melded, most of your opponent’s spells won’t be castable and they should die pretty quickly to an oversized, vigilance, lifelink monster.

Archangel Avacyn and Linvala, the Preserver are additional Angels that can turn a game completely. A flipped Avacyn can wipe an opponent’s board, while Linvala can help bring you back from fairly far behind. Returning them with Bruna is a nice bonus.

You’re going to need an effective early game to get to the Angels late. Thraben Inspector is a nice early road block that is a solid draw late, thanks to the Clue. It’s not your first choice for a creature to get back with Bruna, but it’ll do. You can always use an Inspector going to the graveyard to flip an Avacyn.

Thalia’s Lancers and Nahiri, the Harbinger are your tutor effects to make sure you have the creatures you need. Lancers can get any legend in your deck, including Avacyn, Gisela, Bruna, or even Geier Reach Sanitarium if you need a land. Nahiri can remove problematic permanents, filter your draw, and finally get a big Angel to finish off the game. Keep in mind that Bruna returning an Angel or Human is a cast trigger, so you can’t -8 Nahiri, get Bruna, and use the trigger to return Gisela.

You’re also going to want as much cheap removal and interaction as you can find, especially spells that can deal 3 damage to mess with Collected Company. Lightning Axe can discard madness spells or Angels to be returned with Bruna. Fiery Temper can be discarded to Lightning Axe, Nahiri, or your Sanitarium for value. Galvanic Bombardment scales as the game goes on and the first can be discarded to an Axe or Nahiri if you only need to deal 3 or more.

Blessed Alliance can deal with some bigger threats, as can Stasis Snare. If the board gets too out of hand, Descend upon the Sinful can clean up any mess with some value to boot.

With extra madness outlets in cards like Nahiri and Lightning Axe, you can also afford to run some Drownyard Temples. Bringing back a Temple, even on turns 4 or 5, can still get you to Linvala or Bruna sooner than your opponent might think.

The Angels from Eldritch Moon are really exciting and are sure to stick around in Standard for quite a while!

Red-White Angels

Alexander Kornilov, Top 8 at the Odessa Open

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