Deck of the Day – Red Eldrazi

Today I’m going to continue exploring one of my favorite creature types in the Eldrazi. Because it’s one of the few archetypes to escape the rotation relatively unscathed, it’s useful to find which versions have been performing best in Standard.

Michael Majors was the first person I saw to bring Mono-Red Eldrazi to the public eye. Red adds a number of exciting cards, but is it the best path?

Chandra, Flamecaller has a place close to my heart. I think this card is fully absurd and the best card in Oath of the Gatewatch. It does cost 6 mana, so it certainly can’t go in just any deck. For an aggressive archetype, a 6-drop needs to do quite a lot. Luckily for you, she really does do it all. This is a deck that, despite being aggressive in its mono-blue incarnations, still wants play 26 lands minimum. Chandra is definitely castable, especially with a little help from Hedron Crawlers.

The benefit of playing red is that you get to play a pretty amazing artifact subtheme. Hangarback Walker pairs with Chandra to clear the board and leave behind an army of Thopters. Thopter Engineer is a reasonable 3-drop, providing an evasive haste creature and a decent blocker on the ground. Pia and Kiran Nalaar is the real payoff, however—sacrifice Hangarback Walkers, make an army, and give yourself reach. I think Whirler Rogue is slightly better in these builds due to the ability to make a creature unblockable, but Pia is awesome.

Finally, Vile Aggregate is a bomb with Thopters. A huge trampling devoid creature for only 3 mana is good enough to dominate in Modern. It’s great in Standard. You also get access to removal spells such as Roast, giving the deck game against important creatures that are currently in Standard.

Another Eldrazi deck that doesn’t rely on Ghostfire Blade is a great place to start post-rotation. If you’re not playing the Eldrazi, you’d better learn how to beat them quick!

MOUNTAINMASTER13, 5-0 in an MTGO Standard League

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