Deck of the Day – Rakdos Sacrifice

Standard Rakdos Sac Deck List - Eli Loveman

This is a new Rakdos Sacrifice list I saw on twitter from MC London Champion Eli Loveman.  It’s natural that after a shakeup in a format one of the first things people will be interested in is how to update the previous tier 1 decks.

Certain decks will be gone, like Temur Reclamation, but maybe Rakdos Sacrifice can still be a deck without Cauldron Familiar?  This deck, instead of cat/oven, has some different sacrifice outlets; Fiend Artisan and Village Rites; in addition to the oft seen Woe Strider and Priest of Forgotten Gods.

Most of the value of Rakdos Sacrifice comes from the power of Mayhem Devil, and against creature decks, Claim the Firstborn in conjunction with the sacrifice outlets mentioned in the previous paragraph.  It seems this list seeks to take advantage of those advantages, just in some new ways, at least compared to what people were doing a few weeks ago.

I haven’t played with this deck yet, myself, but it definitely looks like it’s worth a try.

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