Deck of the Day: R/G Monsters

There’s nothing better than some “little kid Magic.” Today’s deck features a bunch of creatures that are large for their casting cost. The name of the game? Get them into the red zone by attacking for as much damage as you can early and often. Clear the path and send in the troops. This is the kind of deck that is perfect for a novice and experienced player alike—going into “one-track mind mode” will work out exactly as you want it to more often than not.

This is an R/G Monsters deck, but Scrapheap Scrounger still gets the nod. You have incidental ways to make black mana off your dual lands, and Scrapheap’s presence really signals what this deck is trying to do. It’s a 3-power creature for 2 mana that literally won’t even allow you to block if you wanted to. The Scrounger is going to be getting in there every turn and then coming back from the graveyard for more later on.

Merfolk Branchwalker’s floor is a 2/1 for 2 that draws a land. As a potential 3/2 for 2 and access to Scrapheap Scrounger that can go to the graveyard for value, Branchwalker is a nice card.

If Branchwalker is good, then Jadelight Ranger is simply ridiculous. Your modes are a 2/1 for 3 that draw 2 lands, a 3/2 that draws a land and gives you an effective scry, or a 4/3 creature for 3 mana that provides card selection. You have the option of keeping even a spell you don’t want to draw on top for the first explore, only to put it into the graveyard on the second if you really want a 4/3.

Deathgorge Scavenger offers another nice attacker that gives you some options on your trigger every turn. You can get in for more damage, gain some life, and mess up opposing graveyard strategies all at the same time.

Rhonas the Indomitable speaks nicely to your game plan. Get big creatures into play and get them attacking is what you’re after, and Rhonas helps that along nicely. You can cast a big creature or use Rhonas to pump your other creatures to make sure that you’re consistently getting in there for large chunks of damage.

You’ve got lots of 3-power creatures starting as cheap as 2 mana to cast, but the name of the game when it comes to Rhonas is getting to 4 power, and Heart of Kiran is an excellent bridge between those gaps. Not only can Rhonas crew the Heart even with no other creatures in play or when summoning sick, but your other 3-power creatures can jump in your ship, make your Rhonas active, and attack for approximately millions of damage.

Pia Nalaar provides a couple of bodies, and despite being the smallest creature in your deck, can pack a serious punch. Pumping your Thopters, Scrapheaps, and Hearts is a nice mana sink, and Pia’s other activated ability make sure that the opponent isn’t doing any blocking.

Rekindling Phoenix adds an incredible dimension to the deck. Trading spot removal for your creatures is a way to stay at parity on board, and an R/G Monsters deck doesn’t have much in terms of card advantage outside of explore. With Scrapheap Scrounger coming back and now Rekindling Phoenix added to the mix, traditional removal spells aren’t going to get the job done. Phoenix demands an exile effect or multiple spells, and that’s a lot to ask for a 4-power flying creature for 4 mana.

Glorybringer is there to shut the door. If they don’t have an instant-speed removal spell in their hand with the mana open to cast it, Glorybringer is extremely punishing. If they have to wait a turn to untap to kill it, the damage is often done as Glorybringer has dealt 4 and killed their creature. This thing is absurd.

You’ve got the biggest, baddest, and cheapest creatures on the block, so you want your removal spells to be efficient and clear the path. You don’t need cards like Lightning Strike to go upstairs as your creatures can close it out on their own. Instead, you turn to Magma Spray to exile the tough-to-kill creatures and early aggressors, as well as Abrade to handle problematic artifacts in your way.

R/G Monsters is the perfect “kid” deck that has plenty of play for any seasoned veteran. With so many of the best creatures in Standard, this is going to be a major player going forward!

R/G Monsters

tabKevin Michael, Top 8 at Standard Classic


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