Deck of the Day: R/G Eldrazi (Modern)

Try as we might, those pesky Eldrazi aren’t going away. We got rid of their Eye of Ugins, and that did slow them down, but they’re not out yet. Bant Eldrazi has been championed at times by Ben Weitz, and he’s back with an R/G version today. Adding colored spells gives you more versatile options than Eldrazi Tron, at the cost of not being able to ramp to huge mana and cast things like Ulamog. Is it worth it?

Green offers a number of incredible options. The most important of them is in one of Modern’s absolute best cards, Ancient Stirrings. This is high on many people’s “ban radar” thanks to power level, and it’s a large part of what makes Tron and Lantern decks so strong. Getting to tutor for many of your deck’s best cards or best mana sources is the kind of versatility Commune with Dinosaurs could only dream of! Finding the best cards in your deck or a mana source makes Stirrings a great card to have.

The other big gains are in the mana creatures. Being able to ramp early is the best way to imitate the Eye of Ugins you’re missing. A turn-1 Noble Hierarch or Birds of Paradise makes your Eldrazi Temple draws busted. They’re always going to be good, as Temple’s 2 mana is phenomenal, but 4 mana on turn 2 and 5 on turn 3 lets you do crazy things that shouldn’t be possible in Modern.

We all know the Eldrazi by now, but let’s do a quick review of the roster by mana curve:

At 3, you have Matter Reshaper. This card has great power-to-mana-cost ratio and trades well against Modern’s removal spells. You’re often putting another threat or mana source onto the battlefield when it dies, and if they Path it, you’re still getting a land out of your deck.

Thought-Knot Seer is what makes these decks possible. It’s a giant threat that’s just the right size to dodge Lightning Bolt and Abrupt Decay. You get to both see their hand and exile the biggest threat to you or your creatures. This is your best card against aggro as a brickwall that takes their removal spell, and against combo as disruption.

Reality Smasher is your biggest threat and also plays well against removal spells. There are few things that can actually kill a Smasher, as even Fatal Push isn’t going to get the job done, and it’ll take an extra card out of their hand to kill it. Given that this thing is both massive and has haste, even when they do have the answer, they’ll often be taking a big hit first.

The top of the curve goes to Endbringer. The Endbringers demand immediate answers or they take over the game. You’re getting a 5/5 with effectively vigilance if you want to get aggressive, but it also has a slew of abilities to put the game out of reach. You can always ping the opponent on their end step, but you can also ping down creatures and planeswalkers. You don’t need to stop blockers very often when you have a 5/5, but keeping a Primeval Titan or Emrakul from attacking you (especially after a Through the Breach) can be game-winning. The ability to also draw 1-2 extra cards per game can take over in stalemates.

The other creatures you get to play by branching out into other colors are Scavenging Ooze and Eldrazi Obligator. Ooze is a nice way to gain life, disrupt graveyard decks, and mess up Snapcaster Mage. Ooze can grow to enormous sizes, and it’s a cheap threat to get onto the battlefield when you aren’t fortunate enough to draw your Eldrazi Temples. Eldrazi Obligator is a nice way to finish the game as you can just cast it as a 3/1 haste to start getting in for damage, or you can clear the way of opposing threats to win a race.

The other red cards in the deck offer interaction for early creatures. Lightning Bolt and Forked Bolt can kill all the small creatures that may be giving you fits, or they can go upstairs in a pinch to end a game. Considering how fast your clock is with Thought-Knots, Reality Smashers, and Obligators, the burn can really come in handy.

If you’re one of the many people who takes offense to playing with Tron lands but still want to get your Eldrazi beatdown on, then this could be exactly the deck for you. When Chalice of the Void isn’t a top threat in the format, playing some colored spells and 1-mana spells can be the perfect way to get a leg up on the competition with the Eldrazi!

R/G Eldrazi

BSWEITZ, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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