Deck of the Day: R/G Dinos

All of the MOCS events feature incredible competition. While the Playoffs have nothing but the best of the best every quarter, the Monthlies aren’t too far behind, especially when you get deep in the tournament. You’re going through Gold pros, Platinum pros, and Hall-of-Famers round after round, not to mention many of the best Magic players MTGO has to offer. Whatever deck takes down one of these events each month has to be solid, and the lone deck to emerge with an 8-0 record happened to be… R/G Dinos?

R/G Dinosaurs definitely received some weapons from Rivals of Ixalan, but despite some solid early showings from various builds, it hasn’t remained at the top of the heap. The Scarab God and Hazoret have reigned supreme while Glorybringer, Winding Constrictor, and God-Pharaoh’s Gift continue to make noise. This deck looks similar to the R/G Monsters decks that took down Grand Prix Memphis, but with a much larger affinity for Dinosaurs.

These extra Dinosaurs mean that Regisaur Alpha becomes your 5-drop of choice over the incredible Glorybringer. Cutting the Dragon from your deck sends a serious message about just how good Reggie is. While you don’t get quite the same immediate impact as Glorybringer’s haste, evasion, and removal abilities, you’re getting two bodies and are thus better against removal spells. With Vraska’s Contempt being one of the most played cards in Standard, this is a big deal, and giving haste to your future Dinosaurs keeps the value coming.

The best Dino to give haste to? That would be Ghalta, Primal Hunger. The heaviest hitter in all of Standard combos well with Reggie and ends the game in a hurry. This deck is going to heavily tax the clunky removal spells like Vraska’s Contempt, which lets Ghalta do some work.

Merfolk Branchwalker remains the early drop of choice and Rekindling Phoenix isn’t going anywhere. Branchwalker is a nice curve filler that often provides card advantage. With big Dinosaurs to cast, extra lands are welcome. Phoenix requires specific removal while offering a quick clock. If they happen to have the Contempt or Cast Out, then so be it, as your next threat is also going to need an answer, and trading 4 mana and a card for 4 mana and a card isn’t a bad exchange.

Thrashing Brontodon provides a well-sized body for 3 mana. A main-deck answer to Gift, Cast Out, and Ixalan’s Binding is handy, but you don’t want to have to play spells that risk being dead in your hand. A 3-power creature for 3 mana that serves as a Naturalize works perfectly.

Deathgorge Scavenger shows up with all four copies here. With God-Pharoah’s Gift on the rise, the Scavenger can really mess up their plans. This is also an excellent creature against aggressive decks as the enters-the-battlefield life gain trigger gives you a small buffer and they’re going to need to remove it quickly before you gain 2 more each turn.

Rhonas doesn’t have a ton of 4-power creatures to work with, but there are plenty of big Dinosaurs and this is a great way to curve out to Ghalta on turn 4. Pumping your smaller threats means more damage and Rhonas can start getting aggressive.

Another great combo with Rhonas is in Heart of Kiran. Your 3-drops are Scavengers and Brontodons, which can all crew this thing, as well as the God. This gives you another hard-hitting, evasive threat that demands a quick answer.

Commune with Dinosaurs lets you both play a slightly lower land count and gives you additional ways to find your key Dinosaurs. Reggie and Ghalta are your heavy-hitters, but finding a Brontodon or Scavenger can be just what the doctor ordered in various matchups.

The full playset of Abrades gives you yet more game against both aggro and Gift alike. Struggle // Survive is a nod to how powerful The Scarab God is, as this can both kill it and shuffle it away before it comes back. Struggle also kills opposing Glorybringers while Survive just adds to the pileup of ways you can fight the Gift matchup. Magma Spray gives you some early defense while Blossoming Defense can not only help you win combat but provides a 1-mana counter for those power 4-mana removal spells. Getting your Vraska’s Contempt hit by Blossoming Defense tends to be lights-out for the opponent.

R/G Monsters got an overhaul and Dinosaurs are here to stay. Regisaur Alpha may not pump the team like a traditional lord, but when your team is this big, you’re getting an extra creature out of the deal, and you’re giving everything haste, things work out quite nicely!

R/G Dinosaurs

VOLTZWAGON, 8-0 at Standard MOCS Monthly


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