Deck of the Day: Puresteel Combo/Cheerios (Modern)

I’m a sucker for a good combo deck, and they don’t get much cooler than this one. I’m also fairly certain that this deck is excellent, so it’s worth your attention.

The heart of the combo comes from Puresteel Paladin. Puresteel is a 2/2 for 2 mana, but every time you play an equipment spell, you get to draw an additional card. This is a nice way to make sure you’re getting value from your equipment, but there happen to be many cheap options. In fact, Modern has a ton of equipment that have a casting cost of 0. This deck was nicknamed Cheerios thanks to the plethora of 0-mana casting costs littered across the battlefield.

The printing of Sram, Senior Edificer means that you have twice as many Paladin effects, making your deck far more consistent. Sram will also trigger on Aura and Vehicle spells, though you aren’t worried about that here. With enough 0-mana artifacts, you can churn through your entire deck in 1 turn.

Accorder’s Shield, Cathar’s Shield, Kite Shield, and Spidersilk Net are the best of the bunch. They do next to nothing, but at least some of the time you will be able to equip your Paladins or Srams for additional toughness against burn spells.

Paradise Mantle is key in that it’s free to cast, cheap to equip, and will provide you with useful mana later on.

Sigil of Distinction can scale later in the game, but that’s virtually never relevant. Bone Saw should almost never actually be equipped.

Mox Opal won’t allow you to draw extra cards off your creatures’ triggers, but it’s an awesome accelerator and mana fixer. You already have 21 equipment that cost 0 in your deck, and this adds on 4 more 0-cost artifacts. It’s quite easy to play a turn-1 Sram or Paladin in this deck thanks to all of the 0-mana artifacts. This also allows you to play 15 lands, meaning you have far more action spells.

Serum Visions adds consistency, able to find the second mana you need to go off, or the creature you need to win.

Swan Song provides 1-mana protection, and you don’t care about giving them a creature. Grapeshot will eventually win the game after you’ve played tons of artifacts.

Retract makes it all possible. Playing artifacts on turn 1 to turn on a Mox Opal before playing a Sram would be a big negative, but you will soon be bouncing them back to your hand. Over a third of the cards in the deck are 0-mana equipment, so each Retract represents the ability to draw a ton of cards. This will also reset Mox Opals to be used for additional mana. Keep in mind that you can play multiple Mox Opals and get a Lotus Petal effect, so when you’re drawing your entire deck, you’ll be able to cast Grapeshot with Swan Song protection. Noxious Revival is a nice way to make sure you can keep going off as it costs 0 mana to make sure you have access to another Retract.

This combo deck looks completely awesome to me, and it was piloted to a League win by an excellent player in Caleb Durward. I expect this to be a major force in Modern going forward!

Puresteel Combo (Cheerios)

CALEBD, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League

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