Deck of the Day: Pioneer Temur Reclamation

Pioneer Temur Reclamation Deck List - cftsoc3 (5-0)

Did you really think you could escape Wilderness Reclamation by switching from Standard to an older format? 

Cftsoc3 pulled off the 5-0 with Temur Rec in Pioneer, and I mean it literally. Pull from Tomorrow serves as a huge card draw spell when you have a lot of extra mana, although I would try Thassa’s Intervention in this spot as well. You are often looking for just a few cards anyway, so getting only 2 cards from Intervention might technically be the same as drawing 5 with Pull, and you get the option to use Intervention as a counterspell in the spots where you really need it. Pioneer is a format with a lot of combo decks like Inverter and Mono-White Devotion, so having access to some more counters would be nice.

I like Sweltering Suns as a mass removal spell of choice. Other sweepers like Strorm’s Wrath or Flame Sweep can be completely dead cards against the wrong matchups, so having cycling on Sweltering Sun seems very valuable. 

The rest of the deck is very similar to Standard Temur Rec, which is good news if you currently have this deck built and you are looking to dip into Pioneer. 

I’m not sure if you need 4 copies of Shark Typhoon – the card is certainly great against planeswalkers, but it might be too slow for the aggressive decks and not good enough against the combo decks. I would like to try to add more copies of Censor – it gives you an answer to T3feri and cycling it fills the graveyard for Uro. 

Either way, this deck seems interesting to me and I’ll definitely give it a try before the next big Pioneer tournament.


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