Deck of the Day: Pioneer Naya Winota

Pioneer Naya WinotaDeck List - filipacarola, 3rd in MTGO Pioneer Challenge

Now that the most powerful Pioneer decks got banned (Inverter, Ballista, Underworld Breach, Nexus), the format seems very fresh now. I wanted to use the term “fair game”, but this deck certainly does not want to play fair.

When I was browsing the magic online world for interesting decklists this week, I came across this 3rd place list from a Pioneer Challenge by Filipa Carola.

Winota is an extremely unfair creature that turns all your attacking non-humans into a pseudo-Collected Company. You only get one Human creature out of the deal, but you’re not limited by the mana cost.

This deck was really strong in standard in combination with Agent of Treachery and it seems like Pioneer is no different. Instead of Agent, Filipa opted for Angrath’s Marauder, trying to close out the game in one big swing.

The goal of this deck is to flood the board with as many little non-human creatures as possible and then use Winota to turn them into Marauders or Kenrith.

Cards like Legion Warboss and Goblin Rabblemaster are perfect for this deck, because they keep creating a constant stream of tokens and sometimes can even win the game on their own. Going Llanowar Elves into Legion Warboss is an extremely strong start against any opponent.

Eldritch Evolution turns Tithe Taker or Voice of Resurgence into the Goblin token makers or it can turn those into Winota if you want to go for the final push.

Worth noting is that if you control a second Angrath’s Marauders, damage dealt by sources you control will be multiplied by 4. If you control a third, it will be multiplied by 8, and so on.

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