Deck of the Day: Pioneer Mono-Green Devotion

Pioneer Mono-Green Devotion - KTHANAKIT26, 5-0 in MTGO Pioneer League

When Pioneer became a thing, Mono-Green Devotion was the new format’s first best deck. I remember watching Todd Anderson stream a MTGO PTQ where he was something like 12-0 before eventually losing in the finals.

The next monday, Oath of Nissa got banned.

Over time the format started getting dominated by combo decks, when players realized the power of Dimir Inverter, Mono-White Devotion and Lotus Breach, so Wizards decided to unban Oath again to potentially give the green decks a little bit more power.

Then deck’s game plan is pretty simple, flood the board with as many permanents with as many green mana symbols in their casting cost as possible and then use Nykthos to get tons of mana and cast all the big spells.

Burning-Tree Emissary is amazing in this deck, as it is essentially a free spell that gives you additional mana from Nykthos.

There is a good balance between the “enablers” – cards like Elvish Mystic, Llanowar Elves and Voyaging Satyrs, and the “payoff cards” – Nissa, Viven, Karn and Walking Ballista.

Voracious Hydra can be both a giant threat when you have access to a lot of mana and also an early removal spell against the aggro decks like Mono-Red or Mono-Black.

Karn also gives this deck a full sideboard of “silver bullets” – situational 1-offs that can be used when the time is right. Sometime you are going to appreciate having access to Tormod’s Crypt in game 1, other time you will get an Ulamog or Walking Ballista to finish your opponent off thanks to a million mana from Nykthos.

Overall, I like this deck and I think it’s really strong and belongs in tier 1. Sometimes you are just going to be faster than Inverter and Karn’s passive ability stops your opponent from being able to activate Walking Ballista in the Mono-White Devotion matchup.


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