Deck of the day: Pioneer Esper Value

Today I chose a deck that could be defined as either Teferi tribal or just Esper Value. 

Pioneer Esper Value Deck List - GNT (5-0) in Pioneer League

The name of the game with this deck is value. Whether it is drawing extra cards from your planeswalkers or blinking Trial, Oath and Omens with Yorion, you are going to be getting extra value from pretty much every card you play. 

Thoughtseize and Thought Erasure are perfect for the early game to make sure you don’t die to the combo decks of the format like Inverter or White Devotion.

I like that the deck doesn’t play a lot of counterspells – you are going to be tapping out on most of your turns, so you would rarely have a good opportunity to sit on a counter instead. 

If you want to play counters, it would make more sense to pair them with instant speed cards like Dig Through Time, Opt and Azorius Charm. I’m not convinced that the enchantments and Yorion is a better strategy, but I do think it’s worth a try. As a general rule these days, I try to play proactive decks rather than reactive, and this deck definitely does that pretty well. 

Still, the combination of Fatal Push, Thoughtseize, Thought Erasure and Fabled Passage should make it possible to run some number of Dig Through Times, so I would probably try to add 2 copies into the deck. 

If you are looking for more removal, I would try a few copies of Eliminate. Depending on what the metagame looks like, it could be reasonable to replace a few copies of Fatal Push with it.

Overall, this deck has the best discard spell in the format (Thoughtseize), the most efficient removal spell in the format (Fatal Push), Narset and 2 different copies of Teferi and a 4 mana wrath against the creature decks, which is always going to a great base for any deck.

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