Deck of the Day: New Perspectives

Amonkhet brought with it some powerful new cards and synergies thanks to the cycling mechanic. While this deck may have never seen the light of day with the Felidar Guardian Saheeli combo around, the format is open for other degenerate strategies now.

This deck is built around New Perspectives. Not only do you get 3 cards for your 6-mana investment, you get the ability to cycle for free. This requires you to have 7 or more cards in hand, so you can’t actually empty your hand while building up to 6 mana, but the rewards are there is you can meet the requirement.

At 7 cards in hand after resolving New Perspectives, you can start cycling through your deck. This deck features 33 cards with cycling, so it’s not unlikely that you can cycle through the majority of your deck once you have 6 mana in play and your enchantment. You need some of your cycling cards to net mana, at which point you can cast a Shadow of the Grave to continue going off. Shadow only costs 2 mana, so it doesn’t take much, and drawing back 5, 10, or even 20 cycling cards to make sure you can see your entire deck will set up your combo.

Both Shefet Monitor and Vizier of Tumbling Sands can net mana. The Monitor will put a land from your deck into play untapped when you cycle it, and it’s free to cycle thanks to New Perspectives. Vizier will untap a land as a reward for your free cycle, producing additional mana.

Weirding Wood combines well with Vizier, and it can act as a ramp spell to help you get to the initial 6 for New Perspectives to enter the battlefield.

Once you’ve added a bunch of mana, have your Weirding Woods in play, and are cycling Viziers to untap them, you can cast Approach of the Second Sun. It goes back into your deck, and you can continue cycling to find your win condition. Sphinx of the Final Word is a backup win condition against decks with too much countermagic.

The rest of your deck is simply cycling cards that have some utility to help you stay alive. Renewed Faith can gain a bit of life while cycling for value. Haze of Pollen isn’t intended to be cast, but a Fog can serve as a Time Walk to  get out of tough situations. Cast Out is another strong removal spell that can be cycled for cheap to find your combo pieces.

Traverse the Ulvenwald is one of the few cards to make the deck that isn’t from Amonkhet, but it serves multiple roles. Finding a Vizier for a single mana to cycle for free can be really valuable while you’re going off, and it fixes your mana early.

This is one of the wackiest Standard-playable combo decks we’ve seen for some time, and it feels similar to Jeskai Ascendancy. It’s fragile and it takes some time to go off, but when it does, it’s doing some powerful things with a very low fail rate.

New Perspectives Combo

KSK0601, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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