Deck of the Day – Naya Ramp

By now we’ve seen that there are many different ways to build an Eldrazi Ramp deck. Most use mana creatures, ramp spells, and then finish at the top end with Ugin, the Spirit Dragons and Ulamog, the Infinite Hungers. We’ve seen GR and UG versions that have both had success.

Splashing another color is easy, assuming the splash is very light. Adding a single basic land to search for with Explosive Vegetation, Map the Wastes, or Sylvan Scrying will do the trick. This isn’t a very effective tool if you need the third color early, as that’s not really what you want to be doing and there’s a very real cost to casting ramp spells, but later in the game it will do the trick. Splashing white allows you to Radiant Flames for 3, which is a big deal in a world of Mantis Riders, and gives you access to Hallowed Moonlight out of the sideboard—an excellent trump against Collected Company and Rally the Ancestors.

Jim Davis used his Naya Ramp deck to take down the Players’ Championship this weekend. Along the way, he faced 3 different copies of the same Jeskai Black Mentor deck, so if that’s a big part of your metagame, this is a great deck to try out.

One card that Jim implemented that I don’t see quite as often is Oblivion Sower, but I’m very high on this card and have considered boarding it in for the Jeskai Black mirror or against Esper. These decks will be delving constantly as it’s a principle part of their game plan. They also prefer to delve away lands with access to cards like Haven of the Spirit Dragon, Kolaghan’s Command, Ojutai’s Command, and Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy. The trigger on Oblivion Sower is uncounterable, so it’s a great ramp spell against the slower blue decks in the format, not to mention they still have to deal with the 5/8 body. Not a bad deal at all for 6 colorless mana.

One more added bonus of Oblivion Sower against those particular blue decks in this version is that they all both run and delve away Flooded Strand, which can conveniently fetch lands out of your own deck.

GR Eldrazi

By Jim Davis, 1st Place at the Players’ Championship

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