Deck of the Day: Naya Kiki-Chord (Modern)

Who doesn’t like options? And in a format full of them, a toolbox-style deck that can utilize its powerful spells to find the perfect creature for the situation is a great choice.

Chord of Calling is an amazing card that asks only that you play a lot of creatures. The convoke cost plus instant speed allows you to flood the board with creatures and then get the perfect one for the job at hand. You can assemble combos, find answers, or just get some card advantage.

Chord isn’t the only way to go digging for combos and impressive creatures. Eldritch Evolution has a similar effect in that you’re paying a small premium to search your library for the creature you need. This means you’re going to want cheap creatures on the battlefield to sacrifice and some heavy-hitters in the deck to find.

The main combo in these decks revolves around Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker. Kiki-Jiki already works well with many of the creatures you’re going to want to play, as these bullets tend to have enters-the-battlefield abilities that you can trigger for extra value. Restoration Angel also works well with enters-the-battlefield abilities, not to mention that a 3/4 flying, flash creature for 4 mana is a real threat. Put Kiki-Jiki and Restoration Angel together and you have infinite Angels with haste coming through for the win.

Accelerating out powerful creatures and spells like Evolution and Chord requires some mana creatures. Birds of Paradise is the best of the bunch. We haven’t seen 1-mana accelerants in Standard in some time, but this beauty from Alpha can really get the job done by providing any color, and it even has flying for some chump-blocking late. Noble Hierarch can’t produce red mana, but exalted does let you get through for some extra damage. Wall of Roots is awesome as a  blocker early that can provide mana in many ways. You can use it on your turn and your opponent’s turn, and using the Wall’s ability for mana and tapping it for convoke can make a big Chord early.

Eternal Witness allows you to put together a chain. If you have a single Chord and some time, you can Chord up a Witness to return the Chord. The next time, you search out a Restoration Angel or Kiki to either blink or copy the Witness, again return the Chord, and the final Chord gets the other half of the Kiki/Angel combo to close out the game. Witness is also just a pure value card that can get back pieces of the combo or any utility needed, and is a big piece of any Chord deck.

You have some more expensive utility creatures to Chord for, but more likely just get with an Evolution when they can take over the game. Avalanche Riders provides you a mana denial plan that works better than Fulminator Mage with Angel and Kiki. Huntmaster of the Fells and Pia and Kiran Nalaar can both create an army out of a single card. Pia and Kiran provides a better board presence and the activated ability can take over a game, but Huntmaster works better with Kiki since it’s not legendary. Inferno Titan is massive and can win the game in a single swing, while Reveillark can return important pieces back from the graveyard.

Magus of the Moon can win the game against various decks, and with six different mana creatures for 1 mana, you can cast it turn 2 a reasonable amount of the time. Spellskite can stop opposing combos and removal while Selfless Spirit can save one or many creatures. Voice of Resurgence works with Kiki to make some tokens, and plays well against opposing instants. Scavenging Ooze can beat a number of graveyard and delirium decks, while Qasali Pridemage provides a much needed way to get rid of problematic artifacts and enchantments.

By playing Naya with an infinite combo in it, you get to play one of the best removal spells that has ever been printed but barely seen any play. Fiery Justice can decimate creature decks and wipe an opponent’s entire board. On top of that, Fiery Justice grants your opponent 5 life. For many aggressive decks, this could be too much to overcome, but that might be a huge benefit in the current Modern format. The top dog is a deck that can play out a Gurmag Angler and some Death’s Shadows early in the game. Fiery Justice can kill the 5 toughness Fish and gain your opponent enough life that the Shadows will die, too!

Utilizing mana creatures, a toolbox with powerful ways to search them out, and a busted removal spell make for a great way to attack a wide open Modern format!

Naya Kiki-Chord

MIKKATORORO 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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