Deck of the Day: Mono-Red Eldrazi (Standard)

It’s a brave new world in Standard thanks to the banning of Aetherworks Marvel. Without the Cat combo or Marvel decks to kill you on turn 4, midrange creatures are relevant once again. Finding the best way to attack this format is not going to be easy, but some old friends teaming up with some powerful Dragons may do the trick.

Glorybringer is just a fantastic card. If people complain about a card being far too broken for Limited, it’s rare that it just isn’t effective in Constructed. This is a reasonably sized 4-power flying creature for 5 mana, but it also has haste and gets to Flametongue Kavu down a creature every other turn. Being able to attack a Gideon while killing the opponent’s best creature in the same combat step is impressive, and making sure your deck has answers to the Dragon is going to be important going forward.

Glorybringer isn’t the only giant haste creature for 5 mana in the format, however. Enter Reality Smasher, and smash realities it does. A 5-power haste, trample creature is already well above the curve, then add the fact that it takes an extra card from any opponent who tries to remove it. Glorybringer can be taken down by a Grasp of Darkness, but removal like Grasp or Fatal Push just doesn’t cut it against Reality Smasher.

Where there are Smashers, Thought-Knot Seer can’t be too far behind. Thought-Knot has been the poster child for the new wave of Eldrazi that were unleashed in Oath of the Gatewatch. The base stats of a 4/4 creature for 4 are already reasonable, but disrupting the opponent by exiling their best card to never be seen again is ridiculous. Preemptively taking their removal spell or giant creature that could have dealt with the Thought-Knot make it one of the best cards in Standard, Modern, Legacy, and even Vintage.

Matter Reshaper is already an all-star in formats like Modern where cards like Path to Exile exist. In Standard, the Reshaper is almost always locking in value. This is not the creature you want to trade with as they’re going to get rewarded by a free spell, an extra land into play, or a powerful card in hand.

Hanweir Garrison can end the game in a hurry with a swarm of tokens. Garrison plays well with removal spells, but also makes life difficult for opponents who are just trying to survive the giant haste creatures in Glorybringer and Reality Smasher.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance saw her stock go up big time with the banning of Marvel. This was heralded as the next Jace, the Mind Sculptor, and while that obviously didn’t come to fruition, she’s looking better than ever right now. This is a great way to stabilize the board by killing a creature and then cashing in for value turn after turn. Being able to ramp out multiple spells in a turn, draw extra cards, and deal damage to opponents and creatures alike make Chandra a fantastic planeswalker.

The removal suite to complement these Eldrazi is quite strong as red has a number of good options. Harnessed Lightning is the most versatile as the first helps you improve subsequent copies. This deck is already interested in Aether Hub as a colorless land to cast Eldrazi that can still produce red when needed, so that’s an additional bonus.

Magma Spray is the best cheap removal spell, and a great answer to creatures like Matter Reshaper and the various returning Zombies. Sweltering Suns provides a sweeper when needed, and can be cycled when it isn’t. Incendiary Flow offers more exile effects for when they matter, and reach for burning your opponent out. Collective Defiance gives you more damage to the face while also being able to kill a creature or cash in excess cards.

Since you’re playing a “one”-color deck that also needs colorless sources for the Eldrazi, you get to play a couple of cool lands. Hanweir Battlements gives you more haste in the middle of the game or turn your Garrisons into gigantic lethal threats. Westvale Abbey doesn’t have a ton of fodder to get flipped without Garrison already going nuts (which should end the game itself), but can provide its own army in a pinch to create an unstoppable threat.

Mono-Red Eldrazi is a unique way to utilize some of the best cards in Standard that haven’t been seeing much play. With so much direct damage, token making, and haste threats, the Eldrazi can catch any opponent unprepared.

Mono-Red Eldrazi

THE_GUNSLINGERS, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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